What Is Hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis-headphones First, all hypnosis is Self-hypnosis. Guided hypnosis sessions, whether in the office of a hypnotist or by listening to professional MP3s, can only accomplish what the subject (you) will allow. Self hypnosis is the process of self-induced, 'do-it-yourself', hypnosis. The use of  recorded MP3s and CDs facilitate the process. Hypnosis is a special mental state of awareness and concentration. It is similar to sleep but distinguished by a unique level of attentiveness that's slightly different than ordinary consciousness. The ability to ...  Continue >>>

Proven Weight Loss

Key_Sucessl There are as many weight loss methods as there are pounds to lose. The mystery is that they all work and yet – none of them work. If you've lost weight only to gain it back again, you know the truth. You might be at the point where you realize that the answer to your weight loss problem won't necessarily be found in a particular diet. The answer is hidden deep within yourself. For that reason, self hypnosis could be the key to the weight loss success you've been looking for. Now a complete hypnosis program has been developed to finally help you achieve your weight loss goals ... >>>Read More

Millionaire Mindset

Self-made millionaires are not necessarily smarter than the average person. They are not necessarily more gifted or creative. What makes them different is the way their brains are wired -  it's how they view the world around them. It's called the millionaire's mindset. This is a proven fact and is substantiated by several major studies and has been the subject of many books. What's fascinating is that this millionaire mindset can be taught and through the power of hypnosis can become 'programed' into your own mindset. And it's easier than what you might think. While you may or may not become an actual millionaire, you can think like one and therefore attract more money and a better lifestyle. Through your subconscious mind and self hypnosis   >>> Continue