Constant worry is exhausting

If you suffer from anxiety, either in a specific situation or generally, then hypnosis is worth a try. All our hypnosis downloads are based around a deeply relaxing experience which in itself is the opposite physical state to anxiety.

Learn To Enjoy The Moment

Discover what it's like to live in the moment and focus on what's happening in the 'now'. Browse the sessions below to find which anxiety treatment hypnosis download applies to your specific situation.


Is most of your worrying just anticipatory anxiety about the future, rather than concerns about what's actually going on now?

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Dinning Out

Eating out socially is meant to be enjoyable yet so many people become anxious. They may even start to dread the

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Bathroom Anxiety

The fear of being 'caught short' when no bathroom is near is more common than you might imagine. The fact is that

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Are you often overwhelmed by worry and anxiety, even when there is no major cause for concern in your life? Generalized anxiety ...

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Singers Nerves

It's common for musicians to feel nervous when they have a performance coming up. In fact, a little bit of adrenaline can help you stay ...

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Conquer Fears

Do you often feel fearful and anxious even when you know there's nothing to worry about? Are your thoughts and ...

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No Reply

Do you get anxious if people don't immediately reply to your texts or emails? Do you fret about why they haven't responded yet ...

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Globus Hystericus

Has your doctor told you that you are suffering from globus hystericus or anxiety-related throat constriction? Do you find it hard to ...

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Beat Fear and Anxiety Pack -

Five Carefully Selected Hypnosis Downloads
Living with a constant sense of fear and anxiety nagging away at you really takes the joy out of life. Once anxiety takes hold, it can be extremely difficult to escape unless you have the right tools to hand. Begin to break the cycle today by downloading these professionally produced hypnosis sessions.
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