Self Sabotage May Be Preventing Your Success

self sabotageSelf Sabotage is a term that describes behaviors that you may engage in that are directly preventing you from achieving your goals. Some very obvious behaviors are things like procrastination and the inappropriate use of drugs and alcohol. Less obvious are thoughts leading to self sabotage that have become habitual; subtle but repetitive unconscious thoughts that affect everyday decisions. It’s often the smallest of decisions that cumulatively affect how well you are able to reach business and personal goals. Self sabotage will prevent that from ever happening. Read more ›

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Get The Hypnosis Habit

The hypnosis habit is a good thing. I don’t need to tell you that regular relaxation is good for you – it is well established by now that relaxation can improve a range of health markers, including immune function . A research project from 2009  proves that (Guided Imagery and Immunity).

Hopefully you’ve experienced some of the uplifting psychological effects of hypnosis and relaxation. But the physical benefits are very real Read more ›

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Who Cares What Others Think?

what-others-thinkWe’ve all met people who don’t care at all what others think about them.

They may be wonderful people in some ways, but they tend to be like blast furnace to a snowman in social situations. And they can be the point of a great deal of awkwardness.

Still, in some ways you may envy them. Never seeming to care or even consider what others think of them – oh the freedom to live like that! Read more ›

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In Defense Of Being Competitive

For some reason, being competitive kinda gets a bad rap these days. It seems that in the pursuit of fairness many have come to think of competitiveness as an obstacle to be overcome. But the pendulum may have swung too far and I’d like to argue in defence of the spirit of competitiveness. Read more ›

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Wrong Imagination Can Work Against You

You use your imagination before you begin a project. But have you ever started something and never finished it, even though you really wanted to? If so, this interesting research should be of interest you.

You’ve probably heard about how we should first visualize with your imagination what we want. But this study shows that it’s possible to do that the wrong way and actually decrease your motivation to complete the goal. Read more ›

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