The Problem With Dandelions

dandelion-weedsThere was once a man who took great pride in his lawn. He managed his lawn as if it were one of the great wonders of the world. And indeed, it was perfect. But one morning he woke up to find a large crop of dandelions growing in his beautiful lawn. The man was very annoyed with what he saw. So he set about ridding his lawn of the weeds by using nay method he could think of.

He mowed the lawn with a special blade to cut it short, but the dandelions just grew back. He bought powerful weed killer sprays and applied the chemicals several times. He pulled them out one by one but they just grew back. No matter what he did, the Read more ›

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The key to happiness is a little thing called gratitude

gratitude-happinessIt was about 15 years ago when the ‘Positive Psychology’ movement began, and they discovered something very interesting and rather profound about happiness and people’s overall satisfaction with life.

The fact is that there’s always been a bunch of money spent researching what Read more ›

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A Client with Impotency Problems Now “… Back on Track”

Rick – Independence, Missouri

Rick S. was kind enough to write this note about how his impotency problem was helped by a few hypnosis downloads.  We share it with you now with the hope that if you have impotency issues – please know that hypnosis can help. Rick is just one of many men that have found joy and sexual pleasure through hypnosis when they thought it gone forever. Impotency can be helped with hypnosis.

“I was having impotency problems and your sexual downloads really got me back on track.” Read more ›

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Get Healthy With A Good Night’s Sleep

healthy-sleepIn a recent report, published by the Public Health of England, the following words from an article on the importance of sleep jumped off the page:

“Only around 20% to 30% of what we think of as ‘ageing’ is biological; the rest is ‘decay’ or ‘deterioration’, which can be actively managed or prevented.”

It certainly explains why, after you’ve had a terrible night’s sleep, everyone seems to ask “Are you alright?!” Read more ›

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How to Overcome Jealousy in Three Easy Steps

childish-jealousyIt is the fear of loss that is the foundation of jealousy. Many partners that struggle with jealousy, fear the loss of their relationship, the loss of self-respect, even loss of respect of their friends and family as they how they would be seen as a ‘fool. Being overly fearful fosters feelings of insecurity.

Sometimes jealousy is driven by an individual’s low self-esteem. They may wonder, “Why do they really love me? I don’t get how somebody like them could be attracted to somebody like me!” It’s one of the mysteries of love that we are not supposed to understand precisely why another person loves us. Read more ›

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