11. Your Subconscious Mind as a Partner in Success


Chapter 11, Your Subconscious Mind as a Partner in Success

Success means successful living. A long period of peace, joy, and happiness on this plane
may be termed success. The eternal experience of these qualities is the everlasting life
spoken of by Jesus. The real things of life, such as peace, harmony, integrity, security,
and happiness are intangible. They come from the Deep Self of man. Meditating on these
qualities builds these treasures of heaven in our subconscious. It is where moth and rust
do not consume, and where thieves do not break through and steal. MATT. 6:20.

The three steps to success

Let us discuss three steps to success: The first step to success is to find out the thing you
love to do, then do it. Success is in loving your work. Although, if a man is a psychiatrist,
it is not adequate for him to get a diploma and place it on the wall; he must keep up with
the times, attend conventions, and continue studying the mind and its workings. The
successful psychiatrist visits clinics and reads the latest scientific articles. In other words,
he is informed in the most advanced methods of alleviating human suffering. The
successful psychiatrist or doctor must have the interest of his patients at heart. Someone
may say, “How can I put the first step into operation? I do not know what I should do.” In
such a case, pray for guidance as follows: “The infinite intelligence of my subconscious
mind reveals to me my true place in life.” Repeat this prayer quietly, positively, and
lovingly to your deeper mind. As you persist with faith and confidence, the answer will
come to you as a feeling, a hunch, or a tendency in a certain direction. It will come to you
clearly and in peace, and as an inner silent awareness.

The second step to success is to specialize in some particular branch of work and know
more about it than anyone else. For example, if a young man chooses chemistry as his
profession, he should concentrate on one of the many branches in this field. He should
give all of his time and attention to his chosen specialty. He should become sufficiently
enthusiastic to try to know all there is available about his field; if possible, he should
know more than anyone else. The young man should become ardently interested in his
work and should desire to serve the world. He that is greatest among you, let him become
your servant. There is a great contrast in this attitude of mind in comparison to that of the
man who only wants to makes a living or just “get by.” “Getting by” is not true success.
Man’s motive must be greater, nobler, and more altruistic. He must serve others, thereby
casting his bread upon the waters.

The third step is the most important one. You must be sure that the thing you want to do
does not redound to your success only. Your desire must not be selfish; it must benefit
humanity. The path of a complete circuit must be formed. In other words, your idea must
go forth with the purpose of blessing or serving the world. It will then come back to you
pressed down, shaken together, and running over. If it is to benefit yourself exclusively,
the circle or complete circuit is not formed, and you may experience a short circuit in
your life which may consist of limitation or sickness.

The measure of true success

Some people may say, “But Mr. James made a fortune in selling fraudulent oil stock.” A
man may seem to succeed for a while, but the money he obtained by fraud usually takes
wings and flies away. When we rob from another, we rob from ourselves, because we are
in a mood of lack and limitation, which may manifest itself in our body, home life, and affairs.

What we think and feel, we create. We create what we believe. Even though a man may have
accumulated a fortune fraudulently, he is not successful. There is no success without peace
of mind. What good is man’s accumulated wealth if he cannot sleep nights, is sick, or has a guilt
complex? I knew a man in London who told me of his exploits. He had been a professional
pickpocket and had amassed a large amount of money. He had a summer home in France and
lived in a royal fashion in England.

His story was that he was in constant dread of being arrested by Scotland Yard. He had many
inner disorders, which were undoubtedly caused by his constant fear and deep seated guilt
complex. He knew he had done wrong. This deep sense of guilt attracted all kinds of trouble
to him. Subsequently, he voluntarily surrendered to the police and served a prison sentence.
After his release from prison, he sought psychological and spiritual counsel and became transformed.
He went to work and became an honest, law-abiding citizen. He found what he loved to do and was happy.

A successful person loves his work and expresses himself fully. Success is contingent upon a higher
ideal than the mere accumulation of riches. The man of success is the man who possesses great
psychological and spiritual understanding. Many of the great industrialists today depend upon
the correct use of their subconscious minds for their success. There was an article published some
years ago about Flagler, an oil magnate. He admitted that the secret of his success was his ability to
see a project in its completion. For instance, in his case, he closed his eyes, imagined a big oil industry,
saw trains running on tracks, heard whistles blowing, and saw smoke. Having seen and felt the fulfillment
of his prayer, his subconscious mind brought about its realization. If you imagine an objective clearly,
you will be provided with the necessities, in ways you now not of, through the wonder working
power of your subconscious mind.

In considering the three steps to success you must never forget the underlying power of
the creative forces of your subconscious mind. This is the energy in back of all steps in
any plan of success. Your thought is creative. Thought fused with feeling becomes a
subjective faith or belief, and according to your belief is it done unto you. MATT. 9:29.

Knowledge of a mighty force in you, which is capable of bringing to pass all your
desires, gives you confidence and a sense of peace. Whatever your field of action may be,
you should learn the laws of your subconscious mind. When you know how to apply the
powers of your mind, and when you are expressing yourself fully and giving of your
talents to others, you are on the sure path to true success. If you are about God’s business,
or any part of it, God, by His very nature, is for you, so who can be against you? With
this understanding there is no power in heaven or on earth to withhold success
from you.

How he made his dream come true

A movie actor told me that he had very little education, but he had a dream as a boy of
becoming a successful movie actor. Out in the field mowing hay, driving the cows home,
or even when milking them he said, “I would constantly imagine I saw my name in big
lights at a large theatre. I kept this up for years until finally I ran away from home. I got
extra jobs in the motion picture field, and the day finally came when I saw my name in great,
big lights as I did when I was a boy!” Then he added, “I know the power of  sustained
imagination to bring success.”

His dream pharmacy became a reality

Thirty years ago I knew a young pharmacist who was receiving forty dollars a week plus
commission on sales. “After twenty-five years,” he said to me, “I will get a pension and
retire.” I said to this young man, “Why don’t you own your own store? Get out
of this place. Raise your sights! Have a dream for your children. Maybe your son wants
to be a doctor; perhaps your daughter desires to be a great musician.”

His answer was that he had no money! He began to awaken to the fact that whatever he
could conceive as true, he could give conception. The first step toward his goal was his
awakening to the powers of his subconscious mind, which I briefly elaborated on for his
benefit. His second step was his realization that if he could succeed in conveying an
idea to his subconscious mind, the latter would somehow bring it to pass.

He began to imagine that he was in his own store. He mentally arranged the bottles,
dispensed prescriptions, and imagined several clerks in the store waiting on customers.
He also visualized a big bank balance. Mentally he worked in that imaginary store. Like a
good actor he lived the role. Act as though I am, and I will be. This pharmacist put
himself wholeheartedly into the act, living, moving, and acting on the assumption that he
owned the store.

The sequel was interesting. He was discharged from his position. He found new
employment with a large chain store, became manager, and later on, district manager. He
saved enough money in four years to provide a down payment on a drugstore of his own.
He called it his “Dream Pharmacy.” “It was,” he said, “exactly the store I saw in my
imagination.” He became a recognized success in his chosen field, and was happy doing
what he loved to do.

Using the subconscious mind in business

Some years ago I gave a lecture to a group of businessmen on the powers of imagination
and the subconscious mind. In this lecture I pointed out how Goethe used his imagination
wisely when confronted with difficulties and predicaments.

His biographers point out that he was accustomed to fill many hours quietly holding
imaginary conversations. It is well known that his custom was to imagine one of his
friends before him in a chair answering him in the right way. In other words, if he were
concerned over any problems, he imagined his friend giving him the right or appropriate
answer, accompanied with the usual gestures and tonal qualities of the voice, and he
made the entire imaginary scene as real and as vivid as possible.

One of the men present at this lecture was a young stockbroker. He proceeded to adopt
the technique of Goethe. He began to have mental, imaginary conversations with a
multimillionaire banker friend of his who used to congratulate him on his wise and sound
judgment, and compliment him on his purchase of the right stocks. He used to dramatize
this imaginary conversation until he had psychologically fixed it as a form of belief in his

This broker’s inner talking and controlled imagination certainly agreed with his aim,
which was to make sound investments for his clients. His main purpose in life was to
make money for his clients and to see them prosper financially by his wise counsel. He
is still using his subconscious mind in his business, and he is a brilliant success in his
field of endeavor.

Boy of sixteen years turns failure into success

A young boy who was attending high school said to me, “I am getting very poor grades.
My memory is failing. I do not know what is the matter.” I discovered that the only thing
wrong with this boy was his attitude, which was one of indifference and resentment
toward some of his teachers and fellow students. I taught him how to use his
subconscious mind, and how to succeed in his studies.

He began to affirm certain truths several times a day particularly at night prior to sleep,
and also in the morning after awakening. These are the best times to impregnate the
subconscious mind. He affirmed as follows: “I realize that my subconscious mind is a
storehouse of memory. It retains everything I read and hear from my teachers. I have a
perfect memory, and the infinite intelligence in my subconscious mind constantly reveals
to me everything I need to know at all my examinations, whether written or oral. I radiate
love and good will to all my teachers and fellow students. I sincerely wish for them
success and all good things.”

This young man is now enjoying a greater freedom than he has ever known. He is now
receiving all “A’s.” He constantly imagines the teachers and his mother congratulating
him on his success in his studies.

How to become successful in buying and selling

In buying and selling, remember that your conscious mind is the starter and your
subconscious mind is the motor. You must start the motor to enable it to perform its
work. Your conscious mind is the dynamo that awakens the power of your subconscious
mind. The first step in conveying your clarified desire, idea, or image to the deeper mind
is to relax, immobilize the attention, get still, and be quiet. This quiet, relaxed, and
peaceful attitude of mind prevents extraneous matter and false ideas from interfering with
your mental absorption of your ideal. Furthermore, in the quiet, passive, and receptive
attitude of mind, effort is reduced to a minimum.

The second step is to begin to imagine the reality of that which you desire. For example,
you may wish to buy a home, and in your relaxed state of mind affirm as follows: “The
infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind is all wise. It reveals to me now the ideal
home, which is central, ideal, is in a lovely environment, meets with all my requirements,
and is commensurate with my income. I am now turning this request over to my
subconscious mind, and I know it responds according to the nature of my request. I
release this request with absolute faith and confidence in the same way that a farmer
deposits a seed in the ground, trusting implicitly in the laws of growth.”

The answer to your prayer may come through an advertisement in the paper, through a
friend, or you may be guided directly to a particular home, which is exactly what you are
seeking. There are many ways by which your prayer may be answered. The principal
knowledge, in which you may place your confidence, is that the answer always comes,
provided you trust the working of your deeper mind.

You may wish to sell a home, land, or any kind of property. In private consultation with
real estate brokers I have told them of the way I sold my own home on Orlando Avenue
in Los Angeles. Many of them have applied the technique I used with remarkable
and speedy results. I placed a sign which read, “For sale by owner” in the garden in front
of my home. The day after I said to myself as I was going to sleep, “Supposing you sold
your house, what would you do?” I answered my own question and I said, “I would take
that sign down and throw it into the garage.” In my imagination I took hold of the sign,
pulled it up from the ground, placed it on my shoulder, went to the garage, threw it on the
floor, and said jokingly to the sign, “I don’t need you any more!” I felt the inner
satisfaction of it all, realizing it was finished. The next day a man gave me a deposit of
$1,000 and said to me, “Take your sign down. We will go into escrow now.”

Immediately I pulled the sign up and took it to the garage. The outer action conformed to
the inner. There is nothing new about this. As within, so without, meaning according to
the image impressed on your subconscious mind, so it is on the objective screen of your
life. The outside mirrors the inside. External action follows internal action.

Here is another very popular method used in selling homes, land, or any kind of property.
Affirm slowly, quietly, and feelingly as follows: “Infinite intelligence attracts to me the
buyer for this home who wants it and who prospers in it. This buyer is being sent to me
by the creative intelligence of my subconscious mind, which makes no mistakes. This
buyer may look at many other homes, but mine is the only one he wants and will buy,
because he is guided by the infinite intelligence within him. I know the buyer is right,
the time is right, and the price is right. Everything about it is right. The deeper currents of
my subconscious mind are now in operation bringing both of us together in divine order.
I know that it is so.” Remember always, that what you are seeking is also seeking you,
and whenever you want to sell a home or property of any kind, there is always someone
who wants what you have to offer By using the powers of your subconscious mind
correctly, you free your mind of all sense of competition and anxiety in buying and

How she succeeded in getting what she wanted

There is a young lady who regularly comes to my lectures and classes. She had to change
buses three times; it took her one and a half hours each time to come to the lectures. In
one lecture I explained how a young man who needed a car in his work received one.
She went home and experimented as outlined in my lecture. Here is her letter in part,
narrating her application of my method, and published by her permission:

Dear Dr. Murphy: This is how I received a Cadillac car—I wanted one to come to the
lectures regularly. In my imagination I went through the identical process I would go
through if I were actually driving a car. I went to the showroom, and the salesman took
me for a ride in one. I also drove it several blocks. I claimed the Cadillac car as my own
over and over again.

I kept the mental picture of getting into the car, driving it, feeling the upholstery, etc.,
consistently for over two weeks. Last week I drove to your lectures in a Cadillac. My
uncle in Inglewood passed away, and left me his Cadillac and his entire estate.

A success technique employed by many outstanding executives and businessmen

There are many prominent businessmen who quietly use the abstract term, “success,”
over and over many times a day until they reach a conviction that success is theirs. They
know that the idea of success contains all the essential elements of success. Likewise, you
can begin now to repeat the word, “success,” to yourself with faith and conviction. Your
subconscious mind will accept it as true of you, and you will be under a subconscious
compulsion to succeed.

You are compelled to express your subjective beliefs, impressions, and convictions. What
does success imply to you? You want, undoubtedly, to be successful in your home life
and in your relationship with others. You wish to be outstanding in your chosen work or
profession. You wish to possess a beautiful home, and all the money you need to live
comfortably and happily. You want to be successful in your prayer life and in your
contact with the powers of your subconscious mind.

You are a businessman also because you are in the business of living. Become a
successful businessman by imagining yourself doing what you long to do, and possessing
the things you long to possess. Become imaginative; mentally participate in the reality of
the successful state. Make a habit of it. Go to sleep feeling successful every night, and
perfectly satisfied, and you will eventually succeed in implanting the idea of success
in your subconscious mind. Believe you were born to succeed, and wonders will happen
as you pray!

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Profitable pointers

1. Success means successful living. When you are peaceful, happy, joyous, and doing
what you love to do, you are successful.

2. Find out what you love to do, and then do it. If you don’t know your true expression,
ask for guidance, and the lead will come.

3. Specialize in your particular field and try to know more about it than anyone else.

4. A successful man is not selfish. His main desire in life is to serve humanity.
5. There is no true success without peace of mind.

6. A successful man possesses great psychological and spiritual understanding.

7. If you imagine an objective clearly, you will be provided with the necessities through
the wonder working power of your subconscious mind.

8. Your thought fused with feeling becomes a subjective belief, and according to your
belief is it done unto you.

9. The power of sustained imagination draws forth the miracle working powers of your
subconscious mind.

10. If you are seeking promotion in your work, imagine your employer, supervisor, or
loved one congratulating you on your promotion. Make the picture vivid and real. Hear
the voice, see the gestures, and feel the reality of it all. Continue to do this frequently, and
through frequent occupancy of your mind, you will experience the joy of the answered

11. Your subconscious mind is a storehouse of memory. For a perfect memory, affirm
frequently: “The infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind reveals to me everything I
need to know at all times, everywhere.”

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