12. Scientists Use the Subconscious Mind

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Scientists Use the Subconscious Mind

Many scientists realize the true importance of the subconscious mind. Edison, Marconi,
Kettering, Poincarè, Einstein, and many others have used the subconscious mind. It has
given them the insight and the “knowhow” for all their great achievements in modern
science and industry. Research has shown that the ability to bring into action the
subconscious power has determined the success of all the great scientific and research

An instance of how a famous chemist, Friedrich von Stradonitz, used his subconscious
mind to solve his problem is as follows: He had been working laboriously for a long time
trying to rearrange the six carbon and the six hydrogen atoms of the benzine formula, and
he was constantly perplexed and unable to solve the matter. Tired and exhausted, he
turned the request over completely to his subconscious mind. Shortly afterward, as he
was about to board a London bus, his subconscious presented his conscious mind
with a sudden flash of a snake biting its own tail and turning around like a pin wheel.
This answer, from his subconscious mind, gave him the long sought answer of the
circular rearrangement of the atoms that is known as the benzene ring.

How to use your subconscious mind for Creative Problem Solving

How a distinguished scientist brought forth his inventions

Nikola Tesla was a brilliant electrical scientist who brought forth the most amazing
innovations. When an idea for a new invention came into his mind, he would build it up
in his imagination, knowing that his subconscious mind would reconstruct and reveal to
his conscious mind all the parts needed for its manufacture in concrete form.
Through quietly contemplating every possible improvement, he spent no time in
correcting defects, and was able to give the technicians the perfect product of his mind.
He said, “Invariably, my device works as I imagined it should. In twenty years there has
not been a single exception.”

How a famous naturalist solved his problem

Professor Agassiz, a distinguished American naturalist, discovered the indefatigable
activities of his subconscious mind while he slept. His widow in her biography of her
famous husband has reported the following. “He had been for two weeks striving to
decipher the somewhat obscure impression of a fossil fish on the stone slab in which it
was preserved. Weary and perplexed, he put his work aside at last, and tried to dismiss it
from his mind. Shortly after, he waked one night persuaded that while asleep he had seen
his fish with all the missing features perfectly restored. But when he tried to hold and
make fast the image it escaped him. Nevertheless, he went early to the Jardin des Plantes,
thinking that on looking anew at the impression he should see something, which would
put him on the track of his vision. In vain—the blurred record was as black as ever. The
next night he saw the fish again, but with no more satisfactory result. When he awoke it
disappeared from his memory as before. Hoping that the same experience might be
repeated, on the third night he placed a pencil and paper beside his bed before going to
sleep. “Accordingly, toward morning the fish reappeared in his dream, confusedly at first,
but at last with such distinctness that he had no longer any doubt as to its zoological
characters. Still half dreaming, in perfect darkness, he traced these characters on the sheet
of paper at the bedside.

In the morning he was surprised to see in his nocturnal sketch features, which he thought it
impossible the fossil itself should reveal. He hastened to the Jardin des Plantes, and, with his
drawing as a guide, succeeded in chiseling away the  surface of the stone under which portions
of the fish proved to be hidden. When wholly exposed it corresponded with his dream and his
drawing, and he succeeded in classifying it with ease.”

An outstanding physician solved the problem of diabetes

Some years ago I received a clipping from a magazine describing the origin of the
discovery of insulin. This is the essence of the article as I recall it.

About forty years ago or more, Dr. Frederick Banting, a brilliant Canadian physician and
surgeon, was concentrating his attention on the ravages of diabetes. At that time medical
science offered no effective method of arresting the disease. Dr. Banting spent
considerable time experimenting and studying the international literature on the subject.
One night he was exhausted and fell asleep. While asleep, his subconscious mind
instructed him to extract the residue from the degenerated pancreatic duct of dogs. This
was the origin of insulin which has helped millions of people. You will note that Dr.
Banting had been consciously dwelling on the problem for some time seeking a solution,
a way out, and his subconscious responded accordingly.

It does not follow that you will always get an answer overnight. The answer may not
come for some time. Do not be discouraged. Keep on turning the problem over every
night to the subconscious mind prior to sleep, as if you had never done it before.
One of the reasons for the delay may be that you look upon it as a major problem. You
may believe it will take a long time to solve it. Your subconscious mind is timeless and
spaceless. Go to sleep believing you have the answer now. Do not postulate the answer in
the future. Have an abiding faith in the outcome. Become convinced now as you read this
book that there is an answer and a perfect solution for you.

How a famous scientist and physicist escaped from a Russian
concentration camp

Dr. Lothar von Blenk Schmidt, a member of the Rocket Society and an outstanding
research electronic engineer, gives the following condensed summary of how he used his
subconscious mind to free himself from certain death at the hands of brutal guards in a
Russian prison camp coal mine. He states as follows: “I was a prisoner of war in a coal
mine in Russia, and I saw men dying all around me in that prison compound. We were
watched over by brutal guards, arrogant officers, and sharp, fast thinking commissars.
After a short medical checkup, a quota of coal was assigned to each person. My quota
was three hundred pounds per day. In case any man did not fill his quota, his
small food ration was cut down, and in a short time he was resting in the cemetery.

“I started concentrating on my escape. I knew that my subconscious mind would
somehow find a way. My home in Germany was destroyed, my family wiped out; all my
friends and former associates were either killed in the war or were in concentration
camps. “I said to my subconscious mind, ‘I want to go to Los Angeles, and you will find
the way.’ I had seen pictures of Los Angeles and I remembered some of the boulevards
very well as well as some of the buildings. “Every day and night I would imagine I was
walking down Wilshire Boulevard with an American girl whom I met in Berlin prior to
the war (she is now my wife). In my imagination we would visit the stores, ride buses,and
eat in the restaurants. Every night I made it a special point to drive my imaginary American
automobile up and down the boulevards of Los Angeles. I made all this vivid and real.

These pictures in my mind were as real and as natural to me as one of the trees outside the
prison camp. “Every morning the chief guard would count the prisoners as they were lined up.
He would call out ‘one, two, three,’ etc., and when seventeen was called out, which was my
number in sequence, I stepped aside. In the meantime, the guard was called away for a minute
or so, and on his return he started by mistake on the next man as number seventeen. When the
crew returned in the evening, the number of men was the same, and I was not missed, and the
discovery would take a long time. “I walked out of the camp undetected and kept walking for
twenty-four hours, resting in a deserted town the next day. I was able to live by fishing and
killing some wild life. I found coal trains going to Poland and traveled on them by night,
until finally I reached Poland. With the help of friends, I made my way to Lucerne, Switzerland.

“One evening at the Palace Hotel, Lucerne, I had a talk with a man and his wife from the
United States of America. This man asked me if I would care to be a guest at his home in
Santa Monica, California. I accepted, and when I arrived in Los Angeles, I found that
their chauffeur drove me along Wilshire Boulevard and many other boulevards, which I
had imagined, so vividly in the long months in the Russian coalmines. I recognized the
buildings, which I had seen in my mind so often. It actually seemed as if I had been in
Los Angeles before. I had reached my goal.

“I will never cease to marvel at the wonders of the subconscious mind. Truly, it has ways
we know not of.”

How archaeologists and paleontologists reconstruct ancient scenes

These scientists know that their subconscious mind has a memory of everything that has
ever transpired. As they study the ancient ruins and fossils, through their imaginative
perception, their subconscious mind aids them in reconstructing the ancient scenes. The
dead past becomes alive and audible once more. Looking at these ancient temples and
studying the pottery, statuary, tools, and household utensils of these ancient times,
the scientist tells us of an age when there was no language. Communication was done by
grunts, groans, and signs.

The keen concentration and disciplined imagination of the scientist awakens the latent
powers of his subconscious mind enabling him to clothe the ancient temples with roofs,
and surround them with gardens, pools, and fountains. The fossil remains are clothed
with eyes, sinews, and muscles, and they again walk and talk. The past becomes the
living present, and we find that in mind there is no time or space. Through disciplined,
controlled, and directed imagination, you can be a companion of the most scientific and
inspired thinkers of all time.

How to receive guidance from your subconscious

When you have what you term “a difficult decision” to make, or when you fail to see the
solution to your problem, begin at once to think constructively about it. If you are fearful
and worried, you are not really thinking. True thinking is free from fear.

Here is a simple technique you can use to receive guidance on any subject: Quiet the mind
and still the body. Tell the body to relax; it has to obey you. It has no volition, initiative, or
self-conscious intelligence. Your body is an emotional disk, which records your
beliefs and impressions.

Mobilize your attention; focus your thought on the solution to your problem. Try to solve
it with your conscious mind. Think how happy you would be about the perfect solution.
Sense the feeling you would have if the perfect answer were yours now. Let your mind
play with this mood in a relaxed way; then drop off to sleep. When you awaken, and you
do not have the answer, get busy about something else. Probably, when you are
preoccupied with something else, the answer will come into your mind like toast pops out
of a toaster. In receiving guidance from the subconscious mind, the simple way is the
best. This is an illustration: I once lost a valuable ring, which was an heirloom. I looked
everywhere for it and could not locate it. At night I talked to the subconscious in the same
manner that I would talk to anyone. I said to it prior to dropping off to sleep, “You know
all things; you know where that ring is, and you now reveal to me where it is.”

In the morning I awoke suddenly with the words ringing in my ear, “Ask Robert!”
I thought it very strange that I should ask Robert, a young boy about nine years of age;
however, I followed the inner voice of intuition. Robert said, “Oh, yes, I picked it up in
the yard while I was playing with the boys. I placed it on the desk in my room. I did not
think it worth anything, so I did not say anything about it.” The subconscious mind will
always answer you if you trust it.

His subconscious revealed the location of his father’s will

A young man who attends my lectures had this experience. His father died and apparently
left no will. However, this man’s sister told him that their father had confided to her that
a will had been executed which was fair to all. Every attempt to locate the will failed.
Prior to sleep he talked to his deeper mind as follows: “I now turn this request over the
subconscious mind. It knows just where that will is, and reveals it to me.” Then he
condensed his request down to one word, “Answer,” repeating it over and over again as a
lullaby. He lulled himself to sleep with the word, “Answer.”

The next morning this young man had an overpowering hunch to go to a certain bank in
Los Angeles where he found a safe deposit vault registered in the name of his father, the
contents of which solved all his problems.

Your thought, as you go to sleep, arouses the powerful latency, which is within you. For
example, let us suppose you are wondering whether to sell your home, buy a certain
stock, sever partnership, move to New York or stay in Los Angeles,
dissolve the present contract or take a new one. Do this: Sit quietly in your armchair or at
the desk in your office. Remember that there is a universal law of action and reaction.

The action is your thought. The reaction is the response from your subconscious mind.
The subconscious mind is reactive and reflexive; this is its nature. It rebounds, rewards,
and repays. It is the law of correspondence. It responds by corresponding. As you
contemplate right action, you will automatically experience a reaction or response in
yourself, which represents the guidance or answer of your subconscious mind.

In seeking guidance, you simply think quietly about right action, which means that you
are using the infinite intelligence resident in the subconscious mind to the point where
it begins to use you. From there on, your course of action is directed and controlled by
the subjective wisdom within you, which is all wise and omnipotent. Your decision will be
right. There will only be right action because you are under a subjective compulsion to do
the right thing. I use the word compulsion because the law of the subconscious is compulsion.

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The secret of guidance

The secret of guidance or right action is to mentally devote yourself to the right answer,
until you find its response in you. The response is a feeling, an inner awareness, and an
overpowering hunch whereby you know that you know. You have used the power to the
point where it begins to use you. You cannot possibly fail or make one false step while
operating under the subjective wisdom within you. You will find that all your ways are
pleasantness and all your paths are peace.

Highlights to recall

1. Remember that the subconscious mind has determined the success and wonderful
achievements of all great scientific workers.

2. By giving your conscious attention and devotion to the solution of a perplexing
problem, your subconscious mind gathers all the necessary information and presents it
full-blown to the conscious mind.

3. If you are wondering about the answer to a problem, try to solve it objectively. Get all
the information you can from research and also from others. If no answer comes, turn it
over to your subconscious mind prior to sleep, and the answer always comes. It never

4. You do not always get the answer overnight. Keep on turning your request over to your
subconscious until the day breaks and the shadows flee away.

5. You delay the answer by thinking it will take a long time or that it is a major problem.
Your subconscious has no problem it knows only the answer.

6. Believe that you have the answer now. Feel the joy of the answer and the way you
would feel if you had the perfect answer. Your subconscious will respond to your feeling.

7. Any mental picture, backed by faith and perseverance, will come to pass through the
miracle working power of your subconscious. Trust it, believe in its power, and wonders
will happen as you pray.

8. Your subconscious is the storehouse of memory, and within your subconscious are
recorded all your experiences since childhood.

9. Scientists meditating on ancient scrolls, temples, fossils, etc., are able to reconstruct
scenes of the past and make them alive today. Their subconscious mind comes to their

10. Turn over your request for a solution to your subconscious prior to sleep. Trust it and
believe in it, and the answer will come. It knows all and sees all, but you must not doubt
or question its powers.

11. The action is your thought, and the reaction is the response of your subconscious
mind. If your thoughts are wise, your actions and decisions will be wise.

12. Guidance comes as a feeling, an inner awareness, an overpowering hunch whereby
you know that you know. It is an inner sense of touch. Follow it.

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