A Cure For Sex Addiction

sex-addiction-Sex addiction isn’t just about having a powerful sex drive. Sex addiction can take control of your thoughts to such an extent that it all you think about.  Because of that, it prevents you from thinking about  other things. Productive things. In short, sex addiction can simply take over your life.

Maybe you haven’t reached the point where you’ve decided to take risks. Perhaps you have stepped out and begun engage in risky behavior.  It could be that your sex addiction has interfered with and undermined a relationship that you are in.

An addiction to sex will steal your energy and remove your focus on your life’s goals. There are things in life that you want to pursue, but with an addiction that’s becoming overwhelming, what can you do?

Has your sex addiction caused you to be deceitful? Has your focus on work declined?  Do you find that you lose interest in normal, non-sexual relationships?  Just craving the next ‘sex fix’ and not caring how you get it can put you and other people …  Continue >>>