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Get Healthy With A Good Night’s Sleep

In a recent report, published by the Public Health of England, the following words from an article on the importance of sleep jumped off the page: “Only around 20% to 30% of what we think of as ‘ageing’ is biological; the

How to Overcome Jealousy in Three Easy Steps

It is the fear of loss that is the foundation of jealousy. Many partners that struggle with jealousy, fear the loss of their relationship, the loss of self-respect, even loss of respect of their friends and family as they how they would be

Hypnosis for Sex Addiction

The best way to describe sex addiction is that it’s an intimacy disorder that’s characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts. Sex addiction is generally progressive in that the addict seeks to intensify the thoughts or behaviors in order to achieve the

Learn and Use Hypnosis at Home

Learn Hypnosis in Five Days – Free Course Hypnosis makes use of relaxation to bring about a particular state of mind that is similar to sleep but heightens your awareness. This state of relaxed awareness and focused attention is called

The Insomnia Debt of America

And How Self-Hypnosis Can Relieve It As a country we are going into debt. Sleep debt that is. Prudent concern about sleep debt is just as important to healthy relationships as concern over the national economic debt is for maintaining

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