Eat Healthy food to Lose Weight Automatically With Hypnosis

healthy_foodHypnosis Session- “Automatic Healthy Eating”

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight you realize that it takes a great amount of self discipline and persistence to make it happen. If you’ve tried and failed and tried again it’s particularly discouraging. Not only do you have to battle your desires for the food you really want to eat, you find that strong emotions of guilt, low self esteem and boredom steer you away from your goal. It’s easy to get into much-talked-about cycle of overeating, then feeling guilty about it and then starting a diet – again and again. It’s the easiest diet to follow – that ‘yo-yo diet – up and down, up and down.Meanwhile you don’t make healthy food choices.

So-called- fad diets aren’t necessarily bad diets. Many of them work and a number of them aren’t nutritionally that bad. But most them concentrate on portion control and timing.  Not necessarily healthy food choices. So they’re bound to work for a while – until the realities of a busy schedule interfere.

It works differently when you use hypnosis to train yourself to eat healthy food all the time. That’s because hypnosis changes your feelings about food. You undergo a kind of attitude adjustment. Making healthy food choices becomes second nature. You don’t even think about it.

You’ll eat healthy foods automatically because you’ll make make better ‘unconscious’ choices.  You’re actually making unconscious choices now but your choices may not be so good for you. Have you ever grabbed a couple of cookies without even thinking about it? That’s the part of your mind that works automatically. Your subconscious mind. That’s why hypnosis is what many call a miracle when it comes to helping people lose weight. Once your unconscious mind automatically makes the right choices you’ll have it made. Right?

Well, there’s just a little more to it.

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