Overcome Fear of Rejection with Hypnosis

fear_of_rejectionHypnosis to “Overcome The Fear Of Rejection”

One of our deepest and emotionally powered fears is the fear of rejection.  We’re wired biologically with a deep desire to ‘belong’ so we are afraid of others being critical of us.  Criticism can hurt. We can get upset if we think that we’re being cut off, demeaned, or shunned. In general, it’s part of our ‘humanness’ to fear of being alone. So we dread the prospect of not being accepted.

The extent of the fear of rejection varies with individuals but there are  common elements that can be identified. In order to help ourselves we must be willing to identify the feelings that occur with the fear of rejection. What exactly are we afraid of?

On a conscious level, we may be afraid that rejection confirms our worst fear — perhaps that we’re unlovable, or that we’re destined to be alone, or that we have little worth or value.  No matter the cause, your fear of rejection can cause you real pain and anguish as you experience it now.

Fear of rejection can lead to obsessiveness, clinginess or jealousy in relationships. You may become too serious too soon when the mood does not call for it. That drives others away. Or you may find yourself rejecting others so that you can avoid being rejected yourself. The irony is that your fear of rejection can induce behaviors in yourself that bring about the very thing you fear the most. It’s a terrible downward spiral – unless you change. And you can change.

By listening to the “Fear Of Rejection” hypnosis audio, your subconscious mind will become accustomed to new and healthier ways of thinking. The old defense mechanisms that made your blood boil and others nervous will soon disappear. Your mind will become free of negativity and instead of the fear of rejection you’ll experience the courage to be yourself.

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