Four True Stories of ‘How Hypnosis Helped Me’

This is Part Two of the stories of four real people who have shared their their true experiences with us about using Hypnosis Downloads for life improvement . A link to Part One is at the bottom of this page or you may go there now by clicking here: Go To Part One

Self hypnosis is so often not taken as seriously as it should be. These stories of real people who have applied self hypnosis to their own lives demonstrates that it can be a powerful tool for self improvement in many areas.  The time for superstition and misconception has passed. Take a moment to read about how hypnosis has changed the lives of these people and how you can use it to change yours.



Richard Lamb

Richard Lamb’s story:
Recovery from a near-fatal climbing accident

A hypnotherapist enabled me to overcome the fear and anger I experienced through working with the emotional trauma.

1. Climbing a winter mountaineering route in Feb 2001 – Tower Ridge, on Ben Nevis – with two friends, Neil and Andy.

2. While Andy declined to continue with the route, Neil and I pressed on. 90% of the difficult sections lay at the top of the route, on a section called the Great Tower. Approximately 30-40 metres of the c.600 metre-long route lay head. We successfully navigated these sections, and my last memory that day was to crack a joke to Neil, feel the wind pick up over my right shoulder (a similar feeling just before the motorcyle crash), then woke up 13 days later in Southern Glasgow Hospital’s ICU. Neil was killed during the c.800 foot fall; I held on through temperatures reaching -21 Celcius until Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team reached our position the following morning.

3. Spent 3.5 months in hospital, learning how to walk, think (due to a near-fatal skull fracture) and live again.

4. Walked out of the burns unit (the closest thing the NHS has to treating frost-bite!) in Manchester – where most of my family were living – in June 15 2001.

5. Moved into my own bungalow in Glossop, where one of my sisters lived, in Feb 2002, to work out what was next in my life.

6. Received my Motability car in early April 2002, which ‘gave me wings’!

7. Visited the folks at Lochaber MRT and staff at Fort William’s A&E who saved my life (arguably the finest mountain trauma clinic outside of Chamonix!) in August 2002, and celebrated Life with them by taking a crate of Highland Park single malt whiskey to share ;{D

8. Didn’t fancy being on state benefit for the rest of my days, so I invested my savings into retraining for a career in IT. Was accepted by UMIST, and started the conversion MSc in Computation Sept 2002.

9. Gained access to a Hypnotherapist via the NHS to enable me to overcome the fear and anger I experienced through working with the emotional trauma.

10. While finishing the MSc for June 2004, I started working part-time as a sales assistant at Cotswold Outdoor in January. By early Feb I started having dreams, which I couldn’t recall, though the meaning was clear; Return to Tower Ridge. I planned and orchestrated the return to the tower for mid-June 2004. I utilised self-hypnosis, positive affirmations and visualisation through my preparations. To cut a long story short, me and Andy – who had identified Neil’s body the following day we were rescued – re-climbed the route, ‘slayed the dragon’, and returned to the Ben Nevis Inn to celebrate. Neither of us have looked back since (Andy is now a UAV submarine freelance pilot, involved in gas and oil exploration, now living in the Languedoc. I will be visiting him in the summer of 2014 as part of a cycling holiday.

11. I now run my own Transformational Life Coaching clinic in central Nottingham, as part of a teach of holistic healthcare practitioners.

The above hypnosis story is from Richard Lamb, Nottingham, UK

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sarah_ridenbaugh_selfhypnosisusaSarah Ridenbaugh’s story:
Homeless, helpless and hopeless

I have been given my life back and that gift is priceless. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hypnosis has completely changed my life. I came from a broken family that didn’t instill positive behaviours, thought process, or self esteem. My development was severely stunted. I was at a point where I wasn’t sure what was right or wrong. I didn’t know what to do.

My life never changed the way I wanted it to. I tried counseling, self-help books, moving, you name it, but the cycle continued. I stumbled upon and haven’t steered away since.

I was homeless, helpless, and hopeless but now thanks to feel empowered, positive, and determined to make my dreams come true. I finally broke the cycle. I’ve learned to trust, believe, and enjoy the adventure. I have been given my life back and that gift is priceless. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The above hypnosis story came from Sarah Ridenbaugh, Florida, USA.

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