Get Over The Fear Of Commitment

fear_of_commitmentSelf Hypnosis Session: “Get Over The Fear Of Commitment”

Many types of fears are discussed but what they all have in common is the worry that something will be lost. The fear of losing other options is in the heart of someone that can’t make a commitment to a relationship. What is often forgotten is that with every decision or commitment that we make, we also lose other options. Regardless of any decision that you make, there could have been another kind of life that you would have led.

But it’s more than that. If you have trouble making a commitment to a relationship, you might also have trouble  making a commitment when it comes to other decisions.  You might also have trouble deciding on a career or where to take your next vacation, or even what to select from a restaurant’s menu. It’s true, a strong relationship pattern will repeat in other areas of an individual’s life. So what does someone who seems desperately fearful of commitment really want?

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