Losing Your Virginity


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Thinking about losing your virginity can be unsettling and stressful. Until it actually happens, your mind can dwell on different aspects of what the experience may be like. For most of us, the thought of losing our virginity is both alluring and intimidating. If you’re thinking about having your first sexual experience, you should consider a number of things before you jump between the sheets. You can only lose your virginity once. What follows are a few suggestions that will serve you well  as you contemplate taking the plunge.

1. Learn to relax your body
As you think about having sex for the fist time, you might worry about showing your naked body to somebody else. It may be the first time that you took all your clothes off in front of somebody of the opposite sex. Don’t panic at the thought of being naked. Maybe the person you’re having sex with is losing their virginity too. Whether it is or not, they will no doubt be as excited to to see your nakedness as you will be to see theirs.

It’s absolutely natural for anybody to have insecurities about their appearance, but when sex starts to take it’s natural course, that’s the time when you can lose yourself in the beautiful moment and experience the pleasure that being so close to another person’s body can bring. Relax and let go. We all have things about our body that we would like to change but there will be a better time to think about that than when you’re about to lose your virginity.

Instead of worrying about how you look naked, teach yourself to accept your body the way it is now. Take a few minutes each day or so to relax and and imagine yourself being naked and feeling fine about it. Then imagine yourself speaking to somebody of the opposite sex while your naked. Perhaps you are simply shy, in general, about being naked in front of others. Two hypnosis downloads that can help you overcome that issue are Shy When Naked and Perfect Body.

2. Reality check
Perhaps you’ve spent considerable time thinking about and imagining how things will go during your first time. Be careful about imagining too many details about losing your virginity.  It’s important not to think too much about your expectations. Part of the excitement of having sex should be a sense spontaneity. Leave room in your plans of a romantic encounter for your partner’s ideas about how things should proceed. That’s not a bad thing. One of the wonderful things about having sex is that both partners have a chance to express their needs and wants, and to feel good about being able to bring pleasure to the other.

3. Easy Does It
Have read or heard about all the different things that people do when they have sex? Yes, it’s all sounds so adventurous. But you don’t make a checklist of what you want to accomplish. In fact, it’s probably smart to move slowly. This is about losing your virginity not winning a contest. If things progress with your partner, the needs and desires of each of you will be brought to the table as your relationship develops.

4. Practice Makes Perfect
Don’t freak out if your first sexual experience becomes a little awkward. It most like will if your partner is also losing his or her virginity. The movies can make having sex (and losing your virginity) look like perfect poetry and synchronization. But in reality it doesn’t always go so swimmingly. The good thing is that the more time that you spend with your lover, the better sexual part of your relationship will become. You’ll eventually discover the things that he or she likes and dislikes, and each session will become more intimate as a result.

5. Safe First Sex
You may have heard that you can’t catch an STD when you’re losing your virginity. That’s a lie. Another lie is that a woman cannot get pregnant if it’s their first time. So it’s an absolute must that protection be used each and every time that you have sex – even if it’s your first time.

If you’re overly troubled with the thought of losing your virginity, please consider listening to this special MP3 to help you feel confident and happy about losing your virginity.