3. The Miracle Working Power of Your Subconscious Mind


3. The Miracle Working Power of Your Subconscious
The power of your subconscious is enormous. It inspires you, it guides you, and it reveals to you names, facts, and scenes from the storehouse of memory and your intuitive self.

Your subconscious started your heartbeat, controls the circulation of your blood, and regulates your digestion, assimilation, and elimination. When you eat a piece of bread, your subconscious mind transmutes it into tissue, muscle, bone, and blood. It works quietly behind the scenes solely for your benefit and during that process, miracles are performed.

The miracles that can come forth from your mind are beyond the understanding of scientists, philosophers and theologians alike. Your subconscious mind controls all the vital processes and functions of your body and it knows the answer to all of your problems. The knowledge of the ages is within it and it is exists for the purposes of guiding and protecting you.

Your subconscious mind never sleeps. It never rests. It is always on the job. And it’s always ‘listening’ and acting upon the things that you are thinking about. Your negative thoughts as well as your good and positive thoughts are deposited into your subconscious mind throughout the day. Its job is to sift through those thoughts, weigh them against each other bring the things that are thought about the most into reality. During deep relaxation or hypnosis, the doors to this mysterious world are opened and your mind becomes receptive to what you tell it.

Unlike the scattered and unorganized thoughts that you have during the day, what you tell your subconscious mind during hypnosis is focused and concentrated. It readily grasps what you want to change in your life and it immediately goes about the business of making it happen.

The power of your subconscious mind and the power of hypnosis work together to make your hopes and dreams of a better life a reality. That’s why learning to quiet your mind is so important. It’s during a quiet time when you can tap into the power of your subconscious mind. So learning to still your mind is one of the first steps to unlocking your inner power.

You can learn to turn off your busy, confusing and disruptive thoughts and replace them with moments of peace and quiet – anytime and anyplace.  For many, this is the first step in understanding your deeper, inner self and creating change in your life.

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Once you learn to quiet your mind you can begin the journey of discovering the full miracle working power of your subconscious. There are ways of plainly stating to your subconscious exactly what you want or to have a specific thing to be accomplished. You might be surprised to discover that there are forces within you that can be released to lead you to your desired result.

The same omnipotent power and wisdom that moves the world, guides the planets, and causes the sun to shine can also bring about miracles in your life. Call it the power of God, the laws of the universe or universal truth – but it is real. It’s working for you now whether you’re aware of it or not. Once you understand that, all you need to do is learn how to tap into it and use it to bring about miracles in your life. And the best way to do that is by learning to relax and to use hypnosis to access your own inner power.

There was a time when it was thought that using a professional hypnotist was the most effective way of accessing the subconscious. New studies have found that self-hypnosis and guided hypnosis recordings can be just as effective. Millions of people have made profound changes in their lives by listening to professionally recorded hypnosis sessions for specific issues.

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Your subconscious mind is the source of your ideals, aspirations, and altruistic urges. It
was through the subconscious mind that Shakespeare perceived great truths hidden from
the average man of his day. Undoubtedly, it was the response of his subconscious mind
that caused the Greek sculptor, Phidias, to portray beauty, order, symmetry, and
proportion in marble and bronze. It enabled the Italian artist, Raphael, to paint
Madonna’s, and Ludwig van Beethoven to compose symphonies.


In 1955 I lectured at the Yoga Forest University, Rishikesh, India, and there I chatted
with a visiting surgeon from Bombay. He told me about Dr. James Esdaille, a Scotch
surgeon, who worked in Bengal before ether or other modern methods of anesthesia were
discovered. Between 1843 and 1846, Dr. Esdaille performed about four hundred major
operations of all kinds, such as amputations, removal of tumors and cancerous growths,
as well as operations on the eye, ear, and throat. All operations were conducted
under mental anesthesia only. This Indian doctor at Rishikesh informed me that the
postoperative mortality rate of patients operated on by Dr. Esdaille was extremely low,
probably two or three percent. Patients felt no pain, and there were no deaths during the

Dr. Esdaille suggested to the subconscious minds of all his patients, who were in a
hypnotic state, that no infection or septic condition would develop. You must remember
that this was before Louis Pasteur, Joseph Lister, and others who pointed out the bacterial
origin of disease and causes of infection due to unsterilized instruments and virulent
organisms. This Indian surgeon said that the reason for the low mortality rate and
the general absence of infection, which was reduced to a minimum, was undoubtedly due
to the suggestions of Dr. Esdaille to the subconscious minds of his patients. They
responded according to the nature of his suggestion.

It is simply wonderful, when you conceive how a surgeon, over one hundred twenty years
ago, discovered the miraculous wonderworking powers of the subconscious mind.
Doesn’t it cause you to be seized with a sort of mystic awe when you stop and think of
the transcendental powers of your subconscious mind? Consider its extrasensory
perceptions, such as its capacity for clairvoyance and clairaudience, its independence of
time and space, its capacity to render you free from all pain and suffering, and its capacity
to get the answer to all problems, be they what they may.

All these and many more reveal to you that there is a power and intelligence within you that far transcends
your intellect, causing you to marvel at the wonders of it all. All these experiences cause
you to rejoice and believe in the miracle working powers of your own subconscious

Your subconscious is your Book of Life

Whatever thoughts, beliefs, opinions, theories, or dogmas you write, engrave, or impress
on your subconscious mind, you shall experience them as the objective manifestation of
circumstances, conditions, and events. What you write on the inside, you will experience
on the outside. You have two sides to your life, objective and subjective, visible and
invisible, thought and its manifestation.

Your brain receives your thought, which is the organ of your conscious reasoning mind.
When your conscious or objective mind accepts the thought completely, it is sent to the
solar plexus, called the brain of your mind, where it becomes flesh and is made manifest
in your experience. As previously outlined, your subconscious cannot argue. It acts only
from what you write on it. It accepts your verdict or the conclusions of your conscious
mind as final. This is why you are always writing on the book of life, because your
thoughts become your experiences. The American essayist, Ralph Waldo Emerson said,
“Man is what he thinks all day long.”

What is impressed in the subconscious is expressed

William James, the father of American psychology, said that the power to move the
world is in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is one with infinite
intelligence and boundless wisdom. It is fed by hidden springs, and is called the law of
life. Whatever you impress upon your subconscious mind, the latter will move heaven
and earth to bring it to pass.

You must, therefore, impress it with right ideas and constructive thoughts. The reason
there is so much chaos and misery in the world is because people do not understand the
interaction of their conscious and subconscious minds. When these two principles work
in accord, in concord, in peace, and synchronously together, you will have heath,
happiness, peace and joy. There is no sickness or discord when the conscious and
subconscious work together harmoniously and peacefully.

The tomb of Hermes was opened with great expectancy and a sense of wonder because
people believed that the greatest secret of the ages was contained therein. The secret was
as within, so without; as above, so below. In other words, whatever is impressed hi your
subconscious mind is expressed on the screen of space. This same truth was proclaimed
by Moses, Isaiah, Jesus, Buddha, Zoroaster, Laotze, and all the illumined seers of the
ages Whatever you feel as true subjectively is expressed as conditions, experiences, and
events. Motion and emotion must balance. As in heaven [your own mind], so on earth [in
your body and environment]. This is the great law of life.

You will find throughout all nature the law of action and reaction, of rest and motion.
These two must balance, then there will be harmony and equilibrium. You are here to let
the life principle flow through you rhythmically and harmoniously. The intake and the
outgo must be equal. The impression and the expression must be equal. All your
frustration is due to unfulfilled desire.

If you think negatively, destructively, and viciously, these thoughts generate destructive
emotions which must be expressed and find an outlet. These emotions, being of a
negative nature, are frequently expressed as ulcers, heart trouble, tension, and anxieties.
What is your idea or feeling about yourself now? Every part of your being expresses that
idea. Your vitality, body, financial status, friends, and social status represent a perfect
reflection of the idea you have of yourself. This is the real meaning of what is impressed
in your subconscious mind, and which is expressed in all phases of your life.

We injure ourselves by the negative ideas, which we entertain. How often have you
wounded yourself by getting angry, fearful, jealous, or vengeful? These are the poisons
that enter your subconscious mind. You were not born with these negative attitudes. Feed
your subconscious mind life-giving thoughts, and you will wipe out all the negative
patterns lodged therein. As you continue to do this, all the past will be wiped out and
remembered no more.

The subconscious heals a malignancy of the skin

A personal healing will ever be the most convincing evidence of the healing power of the
subconscious mind. Over forty years ago I resolved a malignancy of the skin through
prayer. Medical therapy had failed to check the growth, and it was getting progressively
worse. A clergyman, with a deep psychological knowledge, explained to me the inner
meaning of the 139th Psalm wherein it says, In thy book all my members were written,
which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them. He explained
that the term book meant my subconscious mind, which fashioned and molded all my
organs from an invisible cell. He also pointed out that inasmuch as my subconscious
mind made my body, it could also recreate it and heal it according to the perfect
pattern within it.

This clergyman showed me his watch and said, “This had a maker, and the watchmaker
had to have the idea first in mind before the watch became an objective reality, and if the
watch was out of order, the watchmaker could fix it.” My friend reminded me that the
subconscious intelligence, which created my body, was like a watchmaker, and it also
knew exactly how to heal, restore, and direct all the vital functions and processes of my
body, but that I had to give it the perfect idea of health. This would act as cause, and
the effect would be a healing.

I prayed in a very simple way as follows: “My body and all its organs were created by the
infinite intelligence in my subconscious mind. It knows how to heal me. Its wisdom
fashioned all my organs, tissues, muscles, and bones. This infinite healing presence
within me is now transforming every atom of my being making me whole and perfect
now. I give thanks for the healing I know is taking place now. Wonderful are the works
of the creative intelligence within me.” I prayed aloud for about five minutes two or three
times a day repeating the above simple prayer. In about three months my skin was whole
and perfect.

As you can see, all I did was give life-giving patterns of wholeness, beauty, and
perfection to my subconscious mind, thereby obliterating the negative images and
patterns of thought lodged in my subconscious mind which were the cause of all my
trouble. Nothing appears on your body except when the mental equivalent is first in your
mind, and as you change your mind by drenching it with incessant affirmatives, you
change your body. This is the basis of all healing. . . . Marvelous are thy works; and that
my soul [subconscious mind] knoweth right well. PSALM 139:14.

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How the subconscious controls all functions of the body

While you are awake or sound asleep upon your bed, the ceaseless, tireless action of your
subconscious mind controls all the vital functions of your body without the help of your
conscious mind. For example, while you are asleep your heart continues to beat
rhythmically, your lungs do not rest, and the process of inhalation and exhalation,
whereby your blood absorbs fresh air, goes on just the same as when you are awake.

Your subconscious controls your digestive processes and glandular secretions, as well as
all the other mysterious operations of your body. The hair on your face continues to
grow whether you are asleep or awake. Scientists tell us that the skin secretes much more
perspiration during sleep than during the waking hours.

Your eyes, ears, and other senses are active during sleep. For instance, many of our great
scientists have received answers to perplexing problems while they were asleep. They
saw the answers in a dream. Oftentimes your conscious mind interferes with the normal
rhythm of the heart, lungs, and functioning of the stomach and intestines by worry,
anxiety, fear, and depression. These patterns of thought interfere with the harmonious
functioning of your subconscious mind. When mentally disturbed, the best procedure is
to let go, relax, and still the wheels of your thought processes.

Speak to your subconscious mind, telling it to take over in peace, harmony, and divine
order. You will find that all the functions of your body will become normal again. Be
sure to speak to your subconscious mind with authority and conviction, and it will
conform to your command. Your subconscious seeks to preserve your life and restore you
to health at all costs. It causes you to love your children, which also illustrates an
instinctive desire to preserve all life. Let us suppose you accidentally ate some bad food.
Your subconscious mind would cause you to regurgitate it. If you inadvertently took
some poison, your subconscious powers would proceed to neutralize it. If you completely
entrusted yourself to its miracle working power, you would be entirely restored to health.

How to get the subconscious to work for you

The first thing to realize is that your subconscious mind is always working. It is active
night and day, whether you act upon it or not. Your subconscious is the builder of your
body, but you cannot consciously perceive or hear that inner silent process. Your
business is with your conscious mind and not your subconscious mind. Just keep your
conscious mind busy with the expectation of the best, and make sure the thoughts you
habitually think are based on whatsoever things are lovely, true, just, and of good report.
Begin now to take care of your conscious mind, knowing in your heart and soul that your
subconscious mind is always expressing, reproducing, and manifesting according to your
habitual thinking.

Remember, just as water takes the shape of the pipe it flows through, the life principle in
you flows through you according to the nature of your thoughts. Claim that the healing
presence in your subconscious is flowing through you as harmony, health, peace, joy, and
abundance. Think of it as a living intelligence, a lovely companion on the way. Firmly
believe it is continually flowing through you vivifying, inspiring, and prospering you. It
will respond exactly this way. It is done unto you as you believe.

Healing principle of the subconscious restores atrophied optic nerves

There is the well-known, duly authenticated case of Madame Bire of France, recorded in
the archives of the medical department of Lourdes, France. She was blind; the optic
nerves were atrophied and useless. She visited Lourdes and had what she termed a
miraculous healing. Ruth Cranston, a Protestant young lady who investigated and
wrote about healings at Lourdes in McCall’s magazine, November, 1955, writes about
Madame Bire as follows: “At Lourdes she regained her sight incredibly, with the optic
nerves still lifeless and useless, as several doctors could testify after repeated
examinations. A month later, upon reexamination, it was found that the seeing
mechanism had been restored to normal. But at first, so far as medical examination could
tel, she was seeing with ‘dead eyes.’” I have visited Lourdes several times where I, too,
witnessed some healings, and of course, as we shall explain in the next chapter, there is
no doubt that healings take place at many shrines throughout the world, Christian and non

The waters of the shrine did not heal Madame Bire, to whom we just referred, but by her
own subconscious mind, which responded to her belief. The healing principle within her
subconscious mind responded to the nature of her thought. Belief is a thought in the
subconscious mind. It means to accept something as true. The thought accepted executes
itself automatically. Undoubtedly, Madame Bire went to the shrine with expectancy
and great faith, knowing in her heart she would receive a healing. Her subconscious mind
responded accordingly, releasing the ever-present healing forces. The subconscious mind,
which created the eye, can certainly bring a dead nerve back to life. What the creative
principle created, it can recreate. According to your belief is it done unto you.

How to convey the idea of perfect health to your subconscious mind

A Protestant minister I knew in Johannesburg, South Africa, told me the method he used
to convey the idea of perfect health to his subconscious mind. He had cancer of the lung.
His technique, as given to me in his own handwriting, is exactly as follows: “Several
times a day I would make certain that I was completely relaxed mentally and physically. I
relaxed my body by speaking to it as follows, ‘My feet are relaxed, my ankles are
relaxed, my legs are relaxed, my abdominal muscles are relaxed, my heart and lungs are
relaxed, my head is relaxed, my whole being is completely relaxed.’ After about five
minutes I would be in a sleepy drowsy state, and then I affirmed the following truth, ‘the
perfection of God is now being expressed through me. The idea of perfect health is now
filling my subconscious mind. The image God has of me is a perfect image, and my
subconscious mind recreates my body in perfect accordance with the perfect image held
in the mind of God.’” This minister had a remarkable healing. This is a simple easy way
of conveying the idea of perfect health to your subconscious mind.

Another wonderful way to convey the idea of health to your subconscious is through
disciplined or scientific imagination. I told a man who was suffering from functional
paralysis to make a vivid picture of himself walking around in his office, touching the
desk, answering the telephone, and doing all the things he ordinarily would do if he were

I explained to him that this idea and mental picture of perfect health would be accepted
by his subconscious mind. He lived the role and actually felt himself back in the office.
He knew that he was giving his subconscious mind something definite to work upon.
His subconscious mind was the film upon which the picture was impressed. One day,
after several weeks of frequent conditioning of the mind with this mental picture, the
telephone rang by prearrangement and kept ringing while his wife and nurse were out.
The telephone was about twelve feet away, but nevertheless he managed to answer it. He
was healed at that hour. The healing power of his subconscious mind responded to his
mental imagery, and a healing followed.

This man had a mental block, which prevented impulses from the brain reaching his legs;
therefore, he said he could not walk. When he shifted his attention to the healing power
within him, the power flowed through, his focused attention, enabling him to walk.
Whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. MATT. 21:22.

Ideas worth remembering

1. Your subconscious mind controls all the vital processes of your body and knows the
answer to all problems.

2. Prior to sleep, turn over a specific request to your subconscious mind and prove its
miracle working power to yourself.

3. Whatever you impress on your subconscious mind is expressed on the screen of space
as conditions, experiences, and events. Therefore, you should carefully watch all ideas
and thoughts entertained in your conscious mind.

4. The law of action and reaction is universal. Your thought is action, and the reaction is
the automatic response of your subconscious mind to your thought. Watch your thoughts!

5. All frustration is due to unfulfilled desires. If you dwell on obstacles, delays, and
difficulties, your subconscious mind responds accordingly, and you are blocking your
own good.

6. The Life Principle will flow through you rhythmically and harmoniously if you
consciously affirm: “I believe that the subconscious power which gave me this desire is
now fulfilling it through me.” This dissolves all conflicts.

7. You can interfere with the normal rhythm of your heart, lungs, and other organs by
worry, anxiety, and fear. Feed your subconscious with thoughts of harmony, health, and
peace, and all the functions of your body will become normal again.

8. Keep your conscious mind busy with the expectation of the best, and your
subconscious will faithfully reproduce your habitual thinking.

9. Imagine the happy ending or solution to your problem, feel the thrill of
accomplishment, and what you imagine and feel will be accepted by your subconscious
mind and bring it to pass.

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