Overcome News Addiction With Self-hypnosis

News AddictionWith all that’s going on in the World right now , it’s likely that you’ve found yourself following the news more closely than usual. Many of my friends have succumbed to news addition. And they’re trying to cut down on the amount of news that they watch on TV or listen to on talk radio. And for good reason.

I’m cutting down too. And I’m taking steps to stop.

Here’s why:

News addiction lowers your mood and affects your attitude. This has been proven to be true in more than one study, and it certainly is true for me.

Following the news more closely in uncertain times is a natural response. If there’s something bad coming down the track, you want to know about it as early as possible.

But of course, the news outlets are in the business of getting you to watch or listen.

And no matter what you hear, there’s rarely anything you can do about any of it.

Now I’m fairly psychologically robust (I’ve been in the business long enough to have learned a few tricks), but an hour a day of news is too much for me. Especially at the moment when a lot of it here in the UK is pretty awful.

So I’m switching off, and I’m using Overcome News Addiction to help. It gives you better perspective and helps calm down the anxieties that those who know how to write headlines can cause.

If you’ve found yourself more anxious or in a lower mood than usual, why not give yourself a news vacation too?

Here’s to a clear mind,

Roger Elliott
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