Stop Binge Eating Today – Get Your Life Back

Binge-eating-diseaseHypnosis can free you from the grip of compulsive bingeing

What will your life be like when you stop binge eating?

Won’t it be wonderful not to be under the dictatorship of compulsion any more?

Right now, it might seem an impossible dream. When a whole part of your life is given over to satisfying a desperate secret need, it can fill up all the mental and emotional space you’ve got. It’s like you can think of nothing else, do nothing else. It looks like there’s no way out. There doesn’t seem to be anything you could realistically do that would make any difference.

Too scared to stop binge eating?

And not only might it seem impossible, it can seem dreadfully scary too. After all, if you’ve been living with this compulsion for any length of time, you’ve kind of got used to it. It’s familiar. You know what to do, how to do it. You can predict just how it’s going to go – planning, laying in supplies, choosing your moment, starting to gorge, getting totally into it, then it’s over, and here comes that old gnawing guilt and regret. >>> Continue