The Problem With Dandelions

dandelion-weedsThere was once a man who took great pride in his lawn. He managed his lawn as if it were one of the great wonders of the world. And indeed, it was perfect. But one morning he woke up to find a large crop of dandelions growing in his beautiful lawn. The man was very annoyed with what he saw. So he set about ridding his lawn of the weeds by using nay method he could think of.

He mowed the lawn with a special blade to cut it short, but the dandelions just grew back. He bought powerful weed killer sprays and applied the chemicals several times. He pulled them out one by one but they just grew back. No matter what he did, the menacing dandelions wouldn’t die and they seemingly grew back overnight.

Frustrated, the man sat down and wrote a detailed letter to the Department of Agriculture. In that letter he listed the many different methods and specialized techniques he had tried to get rid of the dandelions. He went on to explain how irritated he had become by the situation and in a final outreach of desperation he was writing to ask them for a solution.

The man continued his battle against the dandelions while he waited for a reply to his letter But when the response finally came, it wasn’t the solution that he was looking for. There were no clever scientific insights and no additional methods of killing the weeds were offered. Instead, the short reply to his letter simply stated: “We suggest that you learn to love the dandelions.”

Do you have dandelions in the lawn of your life? Are there situations that seem to pop up overnight that you find difficult to handle? Sometimes, no matter how much you hate such ‘dandelions’, and no matter what you do to rid yourself of them, it becomes apparent that they are not going away. Perhaps learning to be a bit more accepting on occasion will be helpful. If so, there is a hypnosis download called “Accepting Things As They Are” that you will find interesting.