Hyperacusis: Do You Find It Hard To Tolerate Certain Sounds?

hyperacusis-cureIf you find that hearing sounds that fall into certain frequency ranges are particularly irritating or even painful, you probably suffer from Hyperacusis. While it is rare, it occurs when you experience discomfort upon hearing sounds that other people find perfectly normal. While there may be physical reasons for Hyperacusis, it is largely considered to be a condition of perception and therefore can be controlled with the use of hypnosis. Many people who suffer from Hyperacusis are surprised – perhaps even shocked -to discover that they can find relief by using self hypnosis. The following is an excerpt from an article on The Vistibular Disorders Association’s website with emphasis added.

Hyperacusis is the perception of an unusual auditory sensitivity to some environmental noises or tones. The particular symptoms of cochlear hyperacusis and vestibular hyperacusis can help physicians and audiologists distinguish between the two disorders. The effects of hyperacusis can range from a mild sense of unease to a complete loss of balance or upright posture with severe ear pain. In serious cases, it can cause seizure-like activity in the brain.

Hyperacusis can be associated with auto-immune disorders, traumatic brain injury, metabolic disorders, and other conditions. It has not been sufficiently studied in the adult population and is often ascribed to psychological conditions rather than being recognized as a physiologic symptom of cochlear or vestibular damage.

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