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weight_loss_imageHypnosis Complete Weight Loss Pack

Why do people get fat? That’s simple, right? Too much food and not enough exercise. So, if you cut down on the food and start exercising more you should be slim and trim and healthy. Oh if it were only that simple.

While the basic concept may be obvious, the roadmap to getting there is not so easy. Any of us who have struggled with weight loss for any length of time can verify that. But if you’ve dieted long enough and have blown through 3 or 4 different gym memberships, you may have come to the conclusion that you’ll never lose weight until you change your habits concerning diet and exercise. Yes, it is your habitual thinking, or lack of appropriate thinking, that is at the root of your weight loss difficulties. Just like any other habit, you can control it for a short time but soon the behavior will return. That’s why they call it a habit.

The good news is that a habit is really only an unconscious and uncontrolled thought. That’s good news because there is a proven way to control those unconscious thoughts using hypnosis. Hypnosis is all about working with the part of your mind that controls unconscious thinking. That’s why it’s so effective at helping people lose weight. As a matter of fact, if you add weight loss hypnosis to any sensible weight loss or exercise plan, you’re pretty much guaranteed success – for the rest of your life!

Millions of people seek the council of hypnotherapists to help them lose weight. The cost of one session could be as much as $150 or more. And it’s well worth it because hypnosis works great for weight loss. But multiple sessions can increase the cost tremendously; it’s tough to work appointments into your schedule and some people find an office to be an uncomfortable environment. But thanks to the internet and your computer, you can download professional weight loss hypnosis sessions and listen to them in the privacy of your home – for a fraction of the cost, on your own schedule. All you need is a little quiet time in a comfortable spot and you’re good to go. You can take your sessions wherever you go – even when you go on vacation. (Never listen to hypnosis or deep relaxation audios when driving)

Woman lying on grass listening to musicMany thousands of people have downloaded weight loss sessions from the hypnosis download pages available here. The individual sessions are professionally recorded, reasonably priced and exceptionally effective. We know that’s true because customers keep coming back and the reviews are fantastic. There are dozens of individual sessions to address a variety of weight loss problems.

However, many people discover that they have multiple weight loss issues to overcome. They start off with one session, which gives them results, but soon want others to help them with different problems. That’s why the Complete Weight Loss Pack was recently put together. It’s a selection of the 10 most commonly requested and proven weight loss sessions. Already over 2,200 people have downloaded it. Best of all, when you get all ten downloads, you’ll save 42% off the price of individual downloads. So, if you plan on working certain multiple weight loss issues anyway, you might as well consider getting the 10 Pack in the first place because the savings is significant.

Below is a list of the 10 sessions that are included with the Complete Weight Loss Pack at 42% the regular price. Of course each session is available individually if you prefer.

1. Think Thin: … Naturally slim people are tempted by snacks and tasty treats just like you are. But the ‘automatically’ and unconsciously think about how they’re going to feel after they’ve eaten it. And not just for a moment after, but a long time afterward. They can see how they’ll look and feel when that certain morsel has it’s full impact on their body. And they don’t like what they see in the future. So it comes very naturally to eat less of the tasty treat or pass on it altogether. You can learn to think like that automatically with this hypnosis session.

2. Super Slim Me:  … You shouldn’t have to worry about finding the  ‘perfect weight loss program’ (there’s plenty of them all over the place). What you want is to find a way of making the mental, emotional and psychological changes that will enable you to stay focused on your goals and to develop the mindset and an image of yourself as a naturally slim and healthy looking person.

3. Stop Emotional Eating: … You don’t always eat for the simple reason to satisfy your hunger. You also think of eating for comfort, stress relief, or as a reward. The sad thing is that not only does emotional eating not fix emotional problems, it usually makes them worse. After you engage in it, the emotional issue is still with you but even worse, now you also feel guilty for overeating. This session will teach you how to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle by breaking the hold of this behavior pattern at its source – in your unconscious mind.

4. Stop Binge-eating: … Binge eating is actually a serious medical-psychological disorder. You are a binge eater if you frequently consume unusually large amounts of food. Just about everyone finds themselves overeating on occasion, sometimes having seconds or thirds during a holiday meal. But for some people, overeating crosses the line to binge-eating disorder and it becomes a regular occurrence, usually done in secret. When you have binge-eating disorder, you may be deeply embarrassed about gorging and promise to stop. But you can’t stop. You feel such a strong compulsion that you can’t resist the urges and continue binge eating, regardless of the consequences.

If you have binge-eating disorder, hypnosis treatment can help. This session in particular was developed by psychologists who are highly experienced in helping people stop compulsive behaviors. It will help you to use the power of hypnosis to engage with your own unconscious and establish a new understanding to free yourself from the shame and power of this destructive disorder.

5. Lose Your Sweet Tooth: … Sugar addiction has been closely associated with drug dependency and other dangerously addictive behaviors. A recent study has confirmed that “The behavioral findings with sugar are similar to those observed with drugs of abuse.” It’s important to control the place that sugar has in your life and of course, in your mind. While it is similar to drug dependence, sugar addiction can be more easily overcome with this professional hypnosis session. Since sugar addiction starts with how your brain reacts to the sweet sensation, it can be easily overcome by reconditioning your unconscious responses to it with hypnosis.

6. Enjoy Healthy Cooking: … One of the surest ways to get a handle on eating right is to start cooking healthy foods. All too often we continually eat the same unhealthy food just out of habit. And it’s hard to break that habit and make a new one of eating right. If you’re caught in a cooking rut or don’t even cook when you know you should be, this session will be a big help. By conditioning yourself to accept and enjoy cooking and eating healthier foods, you’ll have a better shot at controlling your weight for the rest of your life.

7. Stop Eating For Comfort: … Related to emotional eating, eating specifically for comfort is a problem unto itself. It becomes a substitute for healthy interaction, appropriate decision making and contributes to excessive neediness – all of which can affect your relationships and your own enjoyment of life. This hypnosis session will help you overcome the idea that food  itself gives you comfort. It’s what you have come to associate with food that brings you real comfort. Free yourself from the chains that bind you to that trap.

8. Banish Fast Food: … Fast Food eating is a mindset that is largely the result of advertising and the ‘fast pace’ of our lifestyle. We’ve come to mistakenly believe that fast food is real food. But it’s not. The habit of eating fast food without even thinking about it is really a testimony to the persistence and the power of the big corporations that are behind it. The Banish Fast Food session will help you reset your attitude about fast food.  You will gain control over your impulse to eat junk food and create a  space in your mind to prefer the choices you desire for your long term health and weight loss goals.

9. Stop Boredom Eating: … If you turn to food simply because there’s nothing better to do – you’re eating out of boredom. It’s a habit that will put the pounds on you before you even realize what’s happening. Yet this is one of the biggest overeating problems in the western world. And it’s a hard habit to break. Eating out of boredom can be harder to overcome because there’s no apparent reason for it. It is indeed, in it’s purest form, a simple habit. But a habit that can be easily broken with the help if this popular hypnosis download  session.

10. Motivation To Lose Weight: … Shout it out loud, “I’m going to lose weight! I’ve had it. This time I mean it!” In that moment that you decided to start that diet, join the gym, watch your carbs it’s exciting. But motivation isn’t all that necessary to start. You’ll need motivation to finish. And hypnosis can supply that motivation because it brings it forth from your unconscious mind. There is a never ending supply there.  Motivation to Lose Weight is the one hypnosis program that will tie all the others together. The best weight loss program in the world is meaningless unless you want to continue using it. This is the one session that will make it all happen.

It’s not easy to lose weight. But with one of the hypnosis sessions above or with the Discounted Package Deal, you’ll have the best chance ever of success. It’s sad to say this but often people wait too long to try hypnosis. It’s usually a last resort. It’s not that they haven’t heard of hypnosis. It’s not that it’s too expensive. And it’s not because it doesn’t focus on their particular needs. Sometimes they wait because they know hypnosis will work. It sounds crazy at first, but if you think about it – it makes sense.

They are fearful that it really will work and they’ll have to deny themselves the food that they love – they same food that’s actually killing them and ruining their health. Please, don’t think that way. Remember that with hypnosis you won’t be feeling like you’re denying yourself. The whole point of hypnosis is to adjust your old thinking process. To bring about a new attitude about food from within your unconscious mind. And yes, you won’t be eating the same but you won’t miss it. Hypnosis changes the way you think about food.  It changes your feelings.

weight loss hypnosisSo go ahead and do what you know is right. Start a whole new life by losing your unwanted weight once and for all. Deep down you know what’s causing your weight problems. Today may be your last chance to actually do something about it. Something that you know will work. Order your individual session or get the Complete Weight Loss Pack today. You can do it now, while your thinking about it. You’ll be so happy that you made this decision.

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