Hypnosis for Chronic Constipation


Cure Constipation is a personal self-hypnosis audio that will get you back to regular fast.

There are many factors that contribute to constipation, including lack of fiber in your diet, insufficient fluid intake, not enough exercise, illness, or even the side effects of certain medications (another good reason to always check with your doctor). There are many practical things that you can do to prevent or overcome constipation – including the ability to relax and ‘let go’.

And constipation can also come about through or be influenced by psychological factors, such as stress or even going away on holiday. Sometimes, just being in a strange environment seems to make it hard for people to carry out their natural excretory functions. Hypnosis will give you the ability to relax the necessary muscles so that you can properly relive yourself when you feel the urge. Before you become uncomfortable.

Relieving Constipation is an audio hypnosis download that will encourage you, through hypnotic suggestion, to live a healthier life style that will support regular bowl movements. It will directly instruct your unconscious mind to do all the things it needs to do to get and keep you regular – including keeping you relaxed under any circumstances.

If you’ve suffered from constipation for over a year or more and have tried various methods to control it – perhaps hypnosis is for you.  >>> Read More