Get Healthy With A Good Night’s Sleep

healthy-sleepIn a recent report, published by the Public Health of England, the following words from an article on the importance of sleep jumped off the page:

“Only around 20% to 30% of what we think of as ‘ageing’ is biological; the rest is ‘decay’ or ‘deterioration’, which can be actively managed or prevented.”

It certainly explains why, after you’ve had a terrible night’s sleep, everyone seems to ask “Are you alright?!”

So now,  ‘looking younger’ can be added to the numerous reasons why we know that sleep is so
important to us.

We can all agree that sleep is vital for good energy levels, memory, concentration and mood.

And recent studies are now implying that there’s also a strong correlation between poor quality sleep and mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

Maybe you are among the millions of people who find falling asleep to be really difficult. What can you do?

Here’s a few proven sleeping tips you might not have heard before:

  • Exercise will help to tire your body out and calm your ‘nerves’, but spending more of time on your feet, not sitting down during the day, is important as well.
  • If you have work to do – don’t do it in your bedroom. Doing so can cause your subconscious mind to associate your ‘sleeping space’ with work and therefore keep you awake.
  • After you get into bed, think about a time when you felt pleasantly exhausted and you effortlessly and naturally slid into a comfortable sleep. Such memories and imaginations are very powerful and recalling those feelings will cause your body to start mimicking what you are visualizing.

You might also consider our ‘Sleep and Dream’ hypnosis download.

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