Hypnosis For Constipation – How to relax for relief

constipationConstipation can be particularly troublesome to deal with because there is a strong psychological component to it.  That’s why hypnosis is often helpful. If you suffer from chronic or intermittent constipation,  you may have noticed that stress and anxiety are contributing  factors. Below we will discuss other causes, common solutions and why learning hypnosis may be the final answer. Further information and a special hypnosis session is also available on the Hypnosis Downloads page .

Being constipated  affects your entire being – not just your gut. Your mood, the ability to concentrate and how you interact with others can be negatively impacted. You just feel miserable all over. That’s because your insides – from the stomach on down – reacts to emotions – especially anxiety and stress levels.

That’s why people say things like, “I have a knot in my stomach” or , “don’t get your guts in a wad.” The connection between what we think about and ailments such as ulcers and constipation is well documented. That’s  why learning to relax and controlling your thoughts with hypnosis can be so helpful.

Constipation Basics and Stress

constipation-stressHypnosis can relieve constipation on several levels. Constipation can be physically caused by not drinking enough water or not including enough fiber in your diet. Other causes may be prescription and over-the-counter medications. Taking certain health supplements, like calcium , can also cause constipation. A healthy diet and regular exercise can do wonders. Self Hypnosis can help you become more mindful of the physical causes of constipation while subconsciously you begin to make good choices for yourself.

Traveling or any event that brings changes to your regular schedule can bring on severe constipation issues.  For example, getting busier than normal at work or  having company staying with you at home can put your system out of sync.  If you miss a ‘regular’ bowel movement, the next one could be harder to eliminate. If you miss two or three opportunities, the problem gets worse. Constipation creates more constipation. Maintaining a regular bowel movement schedule is important when it comes to  preventing constipation.

For many people that suffer, their constipation problems can be linked to varying amounts of stress in their lives. The bowel muscles won’t work properly if you’re too tense. What makes matters worse is the anxiety caused by wondering if and when  a successful bowel movement will happen. People that suffer from chronic constipation can become obsessed with finding the right place and time when they feel like the chances of success are best. Using self hypnosis you’ll be able to relax and ‘do your business’ anytime you have the opportunity.

A Bowell Movement Should Happen Unconsciously

You shouldn’t have to think about whether you’ll be able to have a movement or not. A bowel movement is suppose to happen naturally and unconsciously. But if you interfere with with the process by worrying about it,  those conscious thoughts can actually prevent it from happening . It’s only when you’re able to relax and let go that you’ll get relief from constipation.  By using self hypnosis, you’ll learn to control your thoughts and allow that unconscious bodily function to occur naturally.

Knowing that most constipation issues are really psychological, it’s easy to see how self hypnosis can be helpful. Self hypnosis is simply a state of mind that allows you to relax and control your thoughts. And that could be just what you need to relieve your chronic constipation.

You can learn how to use hypnosis by yourself, by researching and practicing various techniques or you can take the ‘fast track’ and learn from a professional hypnotist. Either way, self hypnosis is likely to be the answer to bring you relief from constipation.

If you decide to try hypnotherapy, there is an excellent program available on the Hypnosis Downloads page. You can download the MP3 and listen to it right now. It’s a relaxing session that’s  specifically designed for those that suffer from constipation. So it won’t be a waste of your time. What’s great about this particular program is that, in addition to being able to relax and let go, you can ‘program’ yourself with other practical habits for a constipation-free lifestyle. It’s a total lifestyle approach to constipation relief and has been proven time and time again to be effective.

Please take a moment now to review the program and find out more about using hypnosis to relieve your constipation.

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2 comments on “Hypnosis For Constipation – How to relax for relief
  1. Chris says:

    I would be surprised if the person who wrote this article has ever suffered from chronic constipation, a condition I have suffered with for 20 years.

    Luckily I was born with a ‘happy’ gene and, although suffering badly with constipation, still manage to keep my spirits up. I retired from work due to my condition and still, and always do, feel relaxed and happy. I have tried everything the specialists have suggested with no long-term effect. I don’t expect to ‘go’ each day, and never did. Going to the toilet never embarrassed me, so I wasn’t holding on until a convenient moment. It was always an unconscious process until it stopped, causing debilitating symptoms. Whilst I appreciate any advice anyone can give I think it’s wrong to say that any given process will solve the problem because it only leads to disappointment, and frustration. I’ve even had people say “forget about it and it will happen when it’s ready”. This I have tried and it doesn’t happen. It just overpowers the body with toxins, which is evident in skin colour and eyes.

    • Administrator says:

      While the article does strongly point to hypnosis as a cure for constipation, it does mention other factors. It is true that those other factors are not highlighted, remember we are in the business of hypnosis. As it happens, the person that wrote the article has suffered from chronic constipation and was indeed helped immensely by learning self hypnosis with the download. However, your point is well taken and we plan to change the wording in the article as it really isn’t meant for people with a condition as severe as yours. Thank you for the input!

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