Hypnosis Weight Loss Can Work For You

Weight_Loss_HelpHow Will You Lose Your Weight?

There are as many weight loss methods as there are pounds to lose. The mystery is that they all work and yet – none of them work. If you’ve lost weight only to gain it back again, you know what I’m talking about. You might be at the point where you realize that the answer to your weight loss problem won’t necessarily be found in a particular method. The answer may be hidden deep within yourself. And for that reason, self hypnosis could be the answer that you’ve been looking for.

It’s Not The System – It’s The Discipline

There is no secret to losing weight. Just stop eating and you’ll lose a ton of it in just a few days. But unlike other bad habits that you can quit cold turkey- like quitting cigarettes, drugs or drinking alcohol – you just can’t quit eating.  If you do you’ll die. So the only thing that you can do to lose weight, I mean really lose weight and keep it off, is to take control over your eating. That means that YOU must learn to control what you eat. It’s not the diet, it’s not the exercise routine and it won’t be a magic pill. Ultimately your success or failure will be determined by your ability to control your feelings, that is, your thoughts about food. That’s where self hypnosis comes in. 

Change Your Thinking to Take Control of Your Eating

Your mind is constantly at work. Day and night your it’s racing through thousand of thoughts every minute. Some of these thoughts you are aware of but most of your thinking is automatic, at an unconscious level. That includes how you think about food. And while you also think about food consciously, it is your unconscious thoughts ( actually your deep feelings) about food that will undermine your attempts to control your eating at the conscious level.

That’s why you may get through the first three or four days of a diet but then the temptations  begin. You’re not consciously tempting yourself. You wouldn’t do that. But somehow temptation finds you. So where did the overwhelming desire for cheesecake (or whatever) come from? It came from a thought. A thought that worked its way up deep from your subconscious and snuck into your consciousness. If you could stop that from happening you could lose weight successfully using almost any method of your choosing. Any diet would work!

Hypnosis is The Answer to Weight Loss. Here’s Why …

By using hypnosis you can replace the unwanted thoughts that undermine your success with new ones that will help you succeed. Hypnosis works because it creates a unique state of mind where you become receptive to change.  So you can actually change the way that you think about food, dieting and exercise at an unconscious level. Then realizing your weight loss goals will be easier and the results permanent.

There are a few good hypnosis programs for losing weight and many that are, well – not so good. But there is one that stands above all the rest. After months of research, interviews and analysis of weight loss results, our network discovered Dr. Roberta Temes. Frankly,you’ll be amazed when you review her program because what she says will click with you. That is, it just makes sense.  More about using hypnosis for weight loss on the next page.

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