Dispelling the Myths About Hypnosis

stagehypnosisFive Myths About Hypnosis

The Truth About Common Hypnosis Myths

During its history, hypnosis has developed a reputation largely because of entertainment hypnotists, main-stream media and superstition. This is sad because hypnosis can be your most effective tool for lasting changes in your life. The ability to use Hypnosis and self hypnosis is something that you were born with. You should understand how to use it as a valuable tool in your life. Continue to read as we discuss and expose the biggest myths about Hypnosis.

Myth 1: All Hypnosis is The Same

As with so many things in life, hypnosis can be good, bad or neither. The old fashioned and autocratic style hypnosis, “You are getting sleepy, you are feeling confident” , doesn’t work well with many folks these days. On the other hand, modern hypnosis uses precise and subtle psychological techniques plus specially developed speaking patterns to create impressive results.

There are some football coaches that think that players perform better by yelling at them, and then there are others with a more sophisticated leadership style – a leader who knows that in order to get the best from the players on his team, that he needs to understand their motivation, to coax, encourage and reward them.

At the Hypnosis Downloads page you’ll find hundreds of sessions tailored to your specific needs. And each audio recording uses the most modern and persuasive hypnosis techniques.

Myth 2: Subliminal ‘Hypnosis’ Works

Subliminal recordings are basically words that you can’t hear. Usually disguised by other sounds or music so that supposedly only the subconscious mind of the listener ‘hears’ the words. It’s nonsense and simply a ploy by marketers to promise something for nothing and there’s no research proving that they work.

Myth 3: Some People Can’t Be Hypnotized

The only people who can’t be hypnotized are those that are simply not able to pay attention or have a very low IQ. However, not all hypnotists can hypnotize everybody. The flexibility of the hypnotist will determine their ability to be effective with the largest number of people.

Myth 4: Hypnosis is weird and something that’s ‘done to you

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that you already use every day. A form of it occurs before you go to sleep, while you’re learning something new and when you daydream. And when you imagine things that might go wrong then feel anxious because of your thinking – that’s actually self hypnosis too! It’s called ‘negative self hypnosis’ and it can be quite powerful.

Hypnosis is simply a purposeful utilization of the dream state, called REM (Rapid Eye Movement). There’s nothing magical about it and it isn’t a drug – it is a natural ability your mind, and because that’s the way your mind operates – hypnosis works!

Hypnosis Myth 5: Hypnosis forces you to lose control

You’ve probably heard the stories that stage hypnotists and rumors have created; that you lose control when in hypnosis. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, when under hypnosis, you will become relaxed and focused. You may even choose to stand up and walk away as you may want to. You choose to give your attention to the hypnotist, and you can withdraw it at any time.

Unfortunately, Hollywood, stage shows and the media have mischaracterized hypnosis as something weird and to be suspicious of. If more people understood the truth about hypnosis -that it is a powerful self improvement tool =happier and more prosperous lives would be the result.

Perhaps you’ve been skeptical or afraid of hypnosis in the past. That’s understandable. But don’t let unfounded fear or superstition keep you from trying it. At least give it a try by visiting Hypnosis Downloads. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Article by Mark Tyrrell. Edited by George Barron for SelfHypnosisUSA.com

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