The fox and the bear – be proactive.

Bear-and-fox-proactiveThere’s a simple story that I would like to share with you if one of your goals is to be proactive with the the situations and events in your life.

Once there was a fox that made his home on a mountain. Every day the fox would head out and about the area in search of food and other things to make his den more comfortable.

On one particular day, a  big brown bear came along and lay down, right at the entrance to the fox’s den – blocking the way out. The fox tried to squeeze past but the body of the bear was much too big. So the fox decided to try again the next day.

But the bear returned each day at the same time, and would only leave once the fox was asleep.

The fox became lazy and gave up trying to get past the bear, resigned to his fate. His family went hungry and the den fell into disrepair.

One day one of the fox’s cubs said, “Why don’t you just ask the bear to move?” (In other words, be proactive).

The fox thought about it and when the bear arrived the next day, he popped his head out and cleared his throat nervously. “Would you mind moving? It’s just that you’re blocking the entrance to our den.”

The bear looked at the fox for a moment with raised eyebrows. “I’m very sorry,” said the bear. “I didn’t even see your den there. You should have asked me days ago!”

The bear found another place to nap and the fox was able to hunt for food again. His family helped and soon they were eating well and living in the most comfortable den imaginable.

All because the fox finally took matters into his own hands and asked the bear to move.

Now, I’m not saying that you start talking to bears (that’s always best done from a distance), but I am saying that if you are sometimes more passive than you’d like to be, try our Be Proactive hypnosis download.

To a week of positive action and overcoming big hairy obstacles,