Can’t Sleep Because You Worry At Night? Here’s a tip.

can't-sleep-night-worryThere’s nothing worse than lying in bed, wide awake because you can’t sleep. And sometimes you can’t sleep because you worry that you might not be able to go to sleep. And why is it that so much goes through your brain just when you really need to put it out of your mind?

You may find yourself going over the day’s events, stressing about what might happen tomorrow, watching the time on the clock tick away as you work yourself up into such a mental state where you begin to feel like you’ll never go to sleep sleep…

Here’s a tip that therapists often prescribe to worriers: keep worrying.

But of course this advice comes with a warning …

You must schedule your worrying into your day and only do it at a certain ‘worry time’.

It’s also important that you write down all of your worries into a worry diary. Describe exactly what it is you are worried about. Do it with emotion, fervor and intensity and write non stop for at least 15 minutes.

The reason for writing all of your ‘can’t sleep’ worries down this is two fold – first, for many people who can’t sleep and are worrying at night becomes are actually creating a nighttime habit. By writing your worries down you are switching the habit to a different part of the day.

And the second reason is that clinical research studies have also found that the act of writing down your worries ‘purges’ them from your mind in a strange way that scientists don’t quite understand.

For more help with controlling nighttime worrying and  banishing your ‘can’t sleep’ problem, read more about the hypnosis download,  Night Time Worries

So, try writing down your problems and see if that helps. And may you have a week of falling asleep easily, and enjoy the restfulness that it brings!