Hypnotherapy – A Valid Medical Treatment


Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to treat medical (physical or psychological) disorders or condisions. Beginning in 1958, it hypnosis has been overwhelmingly recognized by the American Medical Association as being a valid medical treatment for certain types of conditions.

Historically, Hollywood has given hypnosis an entertaining reputation, but today, the health benefits of hypnosis and self-hypnosis are impossible to ignore. Over 800 conditions are currently treated by the the world leader in hypnotherapy audio programs, Hypnosis Downloads.

“Hypnosis has been primarily targeted to relieve symptoms of illness and has been effective in everything from relieving pain during childbirth to controlling smoking and drug addictions,” says Nicole Nisly, MD, UI Hospitals and Clinics. However the list of treatable conditions grows every day.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Clinic.

Hypnosis puts a person into a hypnotic state, often referred to as a trance.  In this state an individual will experience deep relaxation and an enhanced ability to focus . It is often compared to the experience of intensely daydreaming. During this state of focused concentration, one is more likely to accept suggestions to change their behavior. By repeating such sessions, using the same suggestions, the subject can deeply ingrain the suggested behavioral change into their subconscious. In this way, hypnotherapy can be used to affect permanent change.

A hypnotherapist can either lead hypnosis, or people can be taught to hypnotize themselves from their hypnotherapist or audio recordings. Studies show that when used properly hypnosis can reduce anxiety, phobias, insomnia, obesity, and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. The deep state of relaxation also helps reduce stress, especially when adding positive suggestions, and eliminating negative ideas.

“But not everyone is able to feel the benefits of hypnosis. A person must be willing to follow the suggestions of the therapist,” Nisly says. “If you are feeling unsure of how you will act once you are hypnotized, just relax. Once hypnotized, a person will not follow directions against his or her own wishes and will not lose control of their actions or choices.”

If you are interested in giving hypnosis a try, you can find out more at Hypnosis Downloads or talk to your doctor .

Original Post by University of Iowa Health Science Relations and
Nicole Nisly, MD
Associate Professor of Internal Medicine 

First Published: September 2003
Peer Review Status: Internally Peer Reviewed

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