Make Your Subconscious Help You Reach Your Goals

GoalsWhy is consciously trying to reach your goals so hard?

I’m guessing that you know what I’m talking about.  Your goals might start with something like … you decide you want to achieve something, to get to a specific place, then a few weeks later you wonder what happened to all the drive that got you going in the first place. Read more ›

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Make Personal Change Easier So You Can ‘Keep On Keepin On’

personal changeA young mother was trying to work on her dissertation but her little daughter kept pestering her to play even though they had already played together for most of the day.

Eventually the mother, wanting to buy a little time for her study, had an idea.

“Look, here’s a page in a magazine. It’s a picture of the whole World!” said the mother. “I’m going to tear it into pieces and I want to Read more ›

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Do You Have A Flexible Attitude? Or Are You Clipping Wings?

FlexibleAn ancient story tells of how a proud and beautiful eagle once landed among a community of people who had never seen a bird of prey. They were at first amazed and fascinated. But as you’ll see, not very flexible in their view of the world.

But from the birds they were familiar with, they had formed a clear idea of what a ‘proper bird’ should look like. The eagle, of course, hardly measured up to their fixed notions. But no matter! They decided to go Read more ›

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The Drip-Drip-Drip Stress Effect Can Be Killing You

Drip StressHave you ever heard of ‘The Chinese Water Torture’ ? It’s a good illustration of how little stresses can build and intensify over time. And drip stress is not fun. That’s why Reduce Everyday Stress was developed.

The water torture is a drip by drip on the forehead, over and over, never ceasing. The torture slowly sends the poor soul beyond the further reaches of sanity. Read more ›

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Learn Mindfulness Meditation With Hypnosis – For The Calm Life

Mindfulness MeditationThere’s little doubt anymore that mindfulness meditation reduces stress.

One of the ways it does this is by helping you stand outside your thoughts and calm yourself (which the story later in the email also conveys).

We created the Mindfulness Meditation Hypnosis Session for this purpose – to train Read more ›

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