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The Drip-Drip-Drip Stress Effect Can Be Killing You

Have you ever heard of ‘The Chinese Water Torture’ ? It’s a good illustration of how little stresses can build and intensify over time. And drip stress is not fun. That’s why Reduce Everyday Stress was developed. The water torture

Learn Mindfulness Meditation With Hypnosis – For The Calm Life

There’s little doubt anymore that mindfulness meditation reduces stress. One of the ways it does this is by helping you stand outside your thoughts and calm yourself (which the story later in the email also conveys). We created the Mindfulness Meditation

How Use Your Imagination To Create Your Own Reality

Sometimes life is like a juggling act with too many bowling pins to handle at one time. But somehow we get through it. Even if we drop one of the pins from time to time. The trouble with a busy

Develop Courage To Complete Your Growth And Good Character

The undertakings of a mythical dragon slayer is perhaps an example of courage that many people hold in their minds. But what is courage – really? For starters, everybody wants to have courage. It’s an attribute of good character that

Why You Make Bad Decisions

Why is it we can think something’s a great idea one day , then the next wonder what the heck we were thinking? That’s how it works when you make bad decisions. It’s true that a decision can feel so