Genophobia , the Fear of Sex, Can Be Cured With Hypnosis

fear_of_sexHypnosis session: Overcome the Fear of Having Sex

The scientific name for the fear of  sex is Genophobia. Hypnosis has been proven to be an effective treatment for genophobia because it influences the unconscious mind. While the causes for Genophobia are psychological, it is often associated with a physical in attribute, such as being uncomfortable with your body and feeling shy about being naked . In males, an anxiety about their penis size may be the cause. Genophobia, the fear of sex can become quite an issue for some people. That’s why there is no general cure available, using hypnosis or otherwise, for the fear of sex or genophobia. That’s why the hypnosis sessions listed here focus on specific problems that can trigger genophobia.

Genophobia can cause a feeling of acute anxiety that builds within you. It can get to the point that even at the thought of having a sexual encounter can cause agitation and the feeling that you wish that you could just drop through the floor. If your fear of sex reaches that point, or if you become panicky, you may soon want to truly isolate yourself. That can lead to severe loneliness and if it isn’t confronted and corrected, genophobia can lead to a sad life where you become a slave to your fear. The fear of sex, genophobia, locks you out of life. It  prevents the closest human experience of physical and emotional bonding. This bonding is a necessary component of healthy and lasting relationships.

The natural intimacy and joy that is experienced during  sex is a necessary part of living a whole and happy life. While there is no specific medical treatment for the fear of sex, psychotherapy and hypnosis have been proven to relieve and cure the genophobia.  The use of Self Hypnosis by using professional audio recordings can be particularly helpful in curing the fear of sex. That’s because the sessions are completely private and tailored to the specific issue using proven methods of professional psychologists.

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