Overcome Insecurity In Your Relationship

insecure_relationshipHypnosis to “Overcome Relationship Insecurity”

Have you felt unworthy of accepting love for much of your life? Have you ever asked yourself, what would anyone see in me? If you find yourself having a troubled relationship now, it could be because you’re insecure in it. Sometimes insecurity in a relationship makes you see problems that really don’t exist. That can result in arguments that, over time, can turn what could have been a good relationship into a a dismal failure.

There are signs that indicate that you’re insecure in a relationship. One is finding yourself experiencing irrational jealousy or obsessive thoughts – wondering what your partner is thinking – where they are – what they’re doing. As your thoughts escalate, you begin to imagine exactly what they’re up to. It almost seems that you can read their mind – know their thoughts.  And of course, they’re always thinking things that upset you and they’re up to ‘no good’. Your heart begins to race  as you’re filled with anxiety, anger and a host of emotions.

Another sign that you’re insecure in a relationship is having the constant fear of being rejected or abandoned. A fear that may have developed earlier in your life based on an actual experience. But you find yourself applying that experience to your present relationship when the two are totally unrelated. You do that because you mistakenly believe that there is something inherently wrong with you – when it never was you.

A lack of trust is another indication of an insecure relationship. That’s obviously tied to the jealousy and the fear of abandonment. But letting somebody know that you don’t trust them is insulting to them. And each accusation that you make results in increasing resentment towards you. And you feel needy so you become more controlling.

Eventually insecurity will drive couples apart because because no amount of attention, no amount of explaining or understanding will ever satisfy the insecure person. It’s as if if their every action is designed to prove that their suspicions about the other person or themselves is true. Please watch the following video by famous relationship expert, Mark Tyrrell, that you will find to be enlightening.


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